Is this an actual wedding dress or some kind of stunt?

Re this photo (not nude but a lot of cleavage) is this wedding dress for real or is this some stunt?

I’m still furious that I never received an invitation. :mad:

Understatement of the year.

There is a thread about this over on the boards at snopes.
Apparently its from a wedding in Moscow.

Looks to me like her cups slipped down. Check out the fabric between the breasts, there appears to be part of her bodice folded over there. The dress should have had some support slats or wires built in to prevent that, I’d think.

I just noticed the bride and groom are holding glasses of what I assume is vodka. Further proof that this is a Russian wedding.

Yeah, it looks that way to me, too, not that it would even then be an acceptable dress though.

That girl on the front left is attractive, though.

Vox Imperatoris

From the Snopes thread, it looks like it might be a trend.

I can’t find it right now, but didn’t Snopes, a few years ago, show a picture of another Russian wedding, where the bride wore a cross between a bellydance costume and a wedding dress? She was a professional bellydancer.


In Russia, if you drunkenly propose to the stripper at your bachelor party, you’re legally obligated to follow through.

Stunt tits!

Or, tits stunt!

Now I’m confused.

Having spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe, I find that picture only mildly surprising. For a lot of Eastern European women, dressy = slutty. The nicer the event, the fewer clothes (and higher heels) you wear, even in violation of common sense. (Like high school girls traipsing around my poorly paved and goat-shit sprinkled village in five-inch heels. Good idea, girls.)

I think it’s very Biblical------her cups overflowth.

I second this. I only spent one month in Russia, but that was long enough to notice that outfits that would be considered slutty in America are seen as fashionable and normal by lots of young Russian women.

Best reason to go through the receiving line.
Congratulations, beautiful cermony, bub bub bub bub bub bub bub, where are you going to Honeymoon?

No wonder they call it the motherland.