Is this an oinker, or what?

So this is how we win the war on terror? Ham it up so the terrorists cant touch us? I know I wouldnt want to spend eternity without my 70 virgins.

Something tells me that the suicide bombers will be able to get a special dispensation to touch pigs and still get the 70 virgins. BTW, what do the female suicide bombers get…?

they get to become virgins again. :stuck_out_tongue:

70 insecure premature ejaculators apparently. The virgin deal is a much bigger draw for men…

Mmmm … baked ham … ooops :smiley:

That’s too funny! I’m picturing 70 little high school boys who all blow their wads in about 10 seconds. “And for this I blew myself to oblivion?”

Pretty loaded comment, John Mace.

I’m hoping Palestinian curriculum doesn’t include Lord of the Flies.

Three hams will kill him!!

Apparently, the objective is to disable the terrorists by having them laugh so hard they are unable to detonate bombs or properly aim weapons.

Guard pigs, indeed.

Question: If I’m an extremist Muslim terrorist and I’m gay, but I ignore my sinful urges and instead blow myself up in some appropriate place, when I go to heaven do I get 70 virgin guys? If so, can I have a few soccer teams on order?

Well, Yes, I guess we could get Thundercleese to guard the settlements, but he seems to deal very little with normal humans, just middle class suburban space aliens and very short men with napoleanic complexes…

Whatever gave you the idea that you wouldn’t get guys anyway? Maybe the suicide bombers probably just end up being given to each other.

That is freakin’ priceless.

I must say though that I agree with John Mace. These guys aren’t going to let their religion get in the way of their religious fanaticism.