Is this bigoted? [Ed. title, per OP]

This is a campaign ad for a political party in Sweden.
A) Is it racist?

B) Should they be allowed to air it?

A.) Racist is just a snarl word.

B.) Yes, they should be allowed to air it. It is entirely right that Swedes should resent outsiders of an alien race and culture coming to their country and appropriating their resources. They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t.

The real question is, what are they even doing there in the first place? Why are the Swedes supposed to be obligated to share their homeland with these interlopers, and why is the Swedish government so intent on forcing them to do so?

No. Xenophobic and bigoted, maybe, but I don’t speak Swedish, so I have no idea what exactly is being said in the narration.

I don’t know; see above. What are the provisions for freedom of speech in Swedish law?

Can’t be racist, Muslims are not a race. Most of them are as Caucausian the Swedes, just with darker skin.

It’s of questionable taste–why not have a rainbow coalition of greedy immigrants racing the poor old lady–but if this is what the political party feels puts its views across, it should be out there. How else are people to judge what they really think?

The relevant swedish law says:

My amateur translation:

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Well, if, as seems implied, the ad is claiming that Muslims are somehow unfairly and undeservedly taking government funds from non-muslims, this seems pretty close to “expressing contempt for…faith…”, and so the party involved appears to be at risk of prosecution.

OTOH, in my personal opinion, while I find the sentiment obnoxious and bigoted, the ad appears to fall within the range of protected free speech, if it were being run in the USA.

It seems reasonable that a largely homogeneous country with progressive values would not want a large number of people from a different culture known for it’s disregard of rights for women and other ‘backward’ values coming to live there. I think it comes down to whether people are moving to Sweden to become part of Swedish society, or are just moving there to live and maintain their own values.

I’d be upset if a bunch of conservatives from the south moved into my town and spread homophobia, tried to put religion in the schools, and listened to country music.

Personally, I hate how various governments lump religion in with these other variables when defining hate crimes. What an individual thinks and what an individual does are a perfectly valid basis by which to judge someone. Prefacing those thoughts and actions with “God says” doesn’t change that.

How about a quote?

Or your summation of what it sez?

And how about what you think?

And upset your own bigoted view of the world?

A literal translation by “Theo” from a post I found with Google:

Clearly Sweden should only admit short refugees, so they can’t go around pulling brakes and such.

I think it’s fair to point out that large numbers of low-skill immigrants are a drain on the public budget, especially in a country with a huge and generous welfare state. Now the ad was of course chock-full of unrealistic dramatic touches of which the veils were a minor part, but what else is new?

I am wary of “free speech laws” that restrict one side of the political debate (the high-immigration arguments) while considering the opposing argument (low-immigration) to be hate speech. That sort of bias poisons the debate.

ack! Old geezers everywhere. The ever increasing number of old people are steadily subverting the democracy by voting more and more costly welfare payments into their own pockets, to be paid for by an increasing small number of overworked youngsters. Scandinavia is changing to a geriatrictopia before our very eyes. The video mostly makes one want to don a burka. But of course the video should be legal. It should be legal if it was racist too. And state media should be abolished.
In any case:

TV4 refuses to air Sweden Democrat ads

And I rather think you have bigger problems with your less than stellar democratic process: How democratic is Sweden? – I think if the same was observed in another new democracy somewhere it would have attracted harsh the criticism from the EU and international NGOs.

Jesus, this again?

"Race" is subjective. It is not a biologically meaningful concept; it’s sociological. What constitutes a “race” depends on the perspective of the observer. One of the basic definitions of race is “a people classified together by a shared heritage, history, nationality, or geographic distribution.” It is just as correct to refer to Swedes or Arabs as a “race” as it is to refer to blacks or whites as a “race.”

It is brutally, almost stupidly obvious that that commercial is painting Muslims as a group distinctly different from people who’re more Swedish-looking, e.g. white. In context, the idea (and you can tell even without speaking Swedish) is to separate the two groups. That’s defining two different “races.” It’s racist, pure and simple.

I would agree that people have a right to have their say in terms of immigration; it’s a perfect valid topic for debate. But the imagery here is deliberately divisive and meant to make the viewer fearful and disdainful of a distinct ethnic group.

As to whether they should be ALLOWED to air this racist commercial, I don’t know what Sweden’s free speech laws are but I would prefer to live in a country where even such disgusting things are allowed. Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. I’m not much of a free speech advocate if I only want people to be allowed to say things I agree with.

No you are right, I’ll welcome them with open arms. I’ll invite them to a cocktail party where then can tell my friends they are going to hell. I’ll sit by why they put the 10 commandments up in my kid’s school (the right version of course, not that nasty Catholic one that mis-numbers them). Maybe we should just put them all in a god damned bus and bring them up here to Oregon. Then we can get rid of the bottle bill, stop building bike lanes, open Forest Park for development, and stop public transportation.

So much ado about nothing…

It’s the fascist party with no representation in the Swedish Parliament as of now (4% votes is the threshold).

Clearly, does not represent even a minority opinion in Sweden.

This analysis privileges definitions of race that treat several “major races” as biological varieties, or almost subspecies–an idea now considered discredited by many anthropologists. There isn’t really more of a hard line between a Somali & a Berber than between a Berber & a Swede.

The point is, these Muslims are ethnically different & foreign. That makes them a different race in one classic sense.

The only problem with that is:

  1. Sweden is not a “largely homogenous” country, that is just a myth. Sweden has more foreign born citizens per capita than the US. I know I know… in the movies all swedes are blonde and stupid, but in reality not that many are blonde and only some of us are stupid.

  2. The people with progressive values aren’t the ones making this ad. It’s the swedish version of the Tea Party that is making this ad.

What the… eh? Most people who “move” here are refugees. They come here because they don’t want to be killed. They’re running away from bullets and explosions, trying to find a place where they won’t be shot at, they’re making life or death decisions, not lifestyle decisions.

Yeah me too. And I am. Upset at this party that is, not the muslims. Because the agenda of the party who made this is:

  • Against freedom of religion
  • Against gay rights
  • Against women rights

It’s a nativist, populist party with roots in the fringe nazi movements of the 80’s.

The progressives (of which I am a part) are the ones against this ad, this party and these politics. So are the socialists, social democrats and liberals, as well as most of the conservatives.

Regarding banning the ad I think it is the right choice, but I do think there are valid arguments against it. It should be banned because it is an obvious hate speech crime, and because immigrants and Muslims shouldn’t have to see this pseudo-nazi crap on TV. The arguments against banning it that I think are valid are:

  • Any infringement on freedom of speech, especially in an election, is bad
  • The ad actually shows exactly how bigoted and retarded these people are
  • Banning it gives a load of publicity to these muppets and gives them the roles of “martyrs” and “uncomfortable truth sayers being silenced by the establishment”.
  • This is exactly what they planned for and I’d bet they never even budgeted the ad fees