Is this political ad racist?

Racist or not, it’s kinda catchy. I’ll have “give me yo cash, bitch!” in my head all night, I’ll bet.

Have we gotten to the point where a parody of gangstas and gangsta rap is automatically racist? If that’s racist, then the medium being parodied is also racist.

I’ve made a conscious decision to NOT link my google account to YouTube. Is the ad available on another site that won’t ask me to verify my age?

What in the hell did I just watch? The chick shaking her ass was nice though.

Have we gotten to the point where saying that your political opponent supports scary black criminals is automatically racist? If that’s racist, then so was the Willy Horton ad.

Don’t let Starkers see it, or we’ll never hear the end of it.

Most people are scared by criminals of any kind, whether they be black or any other race. It may be an underhanded political tactic to try to smear your opponent as supporting these criminals, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

I’m not taking a position on it one way or the other, but isn’t the Willy Horton ad often held up as an example of racist dog whistling?

Kinda. To be truly dog whistle, it cannot be even remotely explicit, it presumes that both the speaker and the listener have some cultural presumptions in common. Closest I can think off the top of my head was Strom Thurmond (or maybe that other racists pustule…) ran an ad featuring a pair of white hands crushing a job application or a rejection letter, because the job had to be given “to a minority”. Even that is almost too explicit for a genuine “dog-whistle”.

So this may not be a dog whistle, but what it damn sure isn’t is a light hearted parody. Jesus Marimba!

It’s racist against red eyed people. Just because someone has red eyes doesn’t mean they’re evil. It’s 2011 people!

Uh, yeah?

Fucking liberal PC scum like you are what’s wrong with America, calling alcoholism a “disease” instead of what it is - a character flaw! And it IS evil! Jesus turned water into grape juice!

Anyway, the ad looks like something Jon Stewart would be too classy to waste time making.

Lycanthropy! A sickness, not a crime!

Of course it’s racist.

But it’s also hilarious!

Jesse Helms, actually. I believe this was part of his 1990 campaign, so it was an early example before the art of the dog-whistle became more subtle.

Of course it’s not racist.

This is also not racist.

What do you not understand? Someone once said something bad about George W. Bush! That means it’s all equal!

If you hadn’t pointed it out, in no way would I have ever even remotely thought the ad was racist. And I have a hard time believing they were dog whistling. What is the underlying racist message against the candidate? “Black people are criminals” is not a message about the candidate. And that she supports black criminals is belied by the non-black mugshots shown.

I’m pretty sure the race of the gang members is just because of the style of music. It’s about gangsters. Of course they are going to (try to) use gangsta rap. And, last I checked, that style of music was not overly populated with white performers.

If this is racist, it’s racist in the way the Lion King was racist in casting the Hyenas as all black people.

Disney is not known for its racial sensitivity.

edit: Some of those hyenas were Hispanic. CHECK.

The Willy Horton ad racist? Please, that’s like calling the Ku Klux Klan racist.

Blatant copyright infringement

I hope the Splack Pack sues the shit out of these motherfuckers.