Is this board blocked in Saudi Arabia?

I couldn’t find anything definite in a quick search - there was mention that people access the Dope through proxies from there, but I was uncertain whether that was to access the Dope specifically, or because they were coming through proxies anyway to be able to see other sites. So is this Board on the Saudi block list? I’ll be there for a couple weeks soon, and I want to know if I need to set up an anonymous proxy beforehand or not.

I’m currently in Saudi Arabia and have no problem accessing this board.

Enjoy your visit to the Kingdom.

Cool, thanks for the info, grump.

We used to have a regular poster called Paul in Saudi.

I guess we have grump now instead.

I hope he’s not a grump because he’s in Saudi.

Wait - is Paul in Saudi now grump? I need to know for my comprehensive database of all personal data revealed by Dopers…er, that I don’t have and doesn’t exist and hey, look over there at that owl!

<runs away>

Sorry, I’m not Paul in Saudi. I’m in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only for a short time as a consequence of my employment - I’m not here long term.

Duly noted. Now look into your webcam and smiiiile…<click> … thank you. I’ll start a new file for you.

Looks like Paul in Saudi is now Paul in Qatar.

Come to think of it, has anyone here ever seen a photo of grump and Paul in Saudi together?

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Might as well close it, I got my answer in 1st post.

Oh, don’t be such a grump.