Is this child abuse? Should they be prosecuted?


If this is about the deaf couple who “designed” a deaf baby, then no to prosecution, but it’s certainly distasteful. My father pointed out, if they did something to the child after his birth to make him deaf, they’d be up on charges.

I feel there must be something psychlogically wrong with these people that they want to deny their children a fifth sense, and would like to see them assessed and monitored, but I really don’t think you can prosecute them for doing their utmost to make sure their child has a characteristic that they find desirable.

cazzle: If I was a child of theirs, made deaf by genetic problems, I would MUCH rather have been born hearing and deafened as an infant. If I was deafened as a child, that would not put MY children at risk as well. I might choose not to have children, with a significant genetic problem like that.

I suspect that the ladies may have a real problem with the law, when their children reach majority. I would suspect that if the children bring a suit against them, it would have a pretty sympathetic audience.