Is this flash IQ test/game for real?

I’m sure it’s real, I just dont have the IQ to figure it out evidently. However, I admit I have NEVER been good at this sort of thing. It’s why I dont play stategy games. Evidently i’m kinda slow. :frowning:

We have done this one here before. I said screw it after two minutes but some other people eventually got it. I think it is supposed to be really difficult and not something you just click for a few minutes and win.

Yeah, we did it about a year ago. The solution is spoilered inside if you want it.

We have? sorry… didn’t open that one I guess.

Well… my 12yo nephew sent it to me… he said it was fun and a great game. He’s kind of a little genius though… I hope he was trying to pull one over on me.

btw… you say you think it supposed to be really difficult and not something you just ckick fvor a few minutes… well I cant get past move one. Maybe its like the “connect the dots in one move” puzzle where you have to think outside the box and normal conclusions… but I don’t see it.

I will check it out… thank you.

wow… I feel so freaking stupid. No wonder i’m in the job I am today… :frowning:

Wow. That was… easy. Talk about a let down.

I mean, I am not what people would consider intelligent, though somehow I solved it in under a minute. I’m not trying to brag, either. Provided that you read the rules and look at how many people there are, it’s painstakingly obvious.

I guess that sometimes the simple answers are the most devious. :\