IQ test.

Over at they’ve put up a new test, the IQ test. I tried to take it. And now I’m annoyed. Apparently, it’s a joke…there’s no end to the questions. I thought there was something weird about how some questions repeated, and some of the questions are just plain silly, but most of the questions sound reasonable enough for it to be a real IQ test.

Is this supposed to be funny? Am I supposed to be laughed at for being so stupid as to keep going with the questions up to #120 or so, before realising they didn’t stop? I dunno, but the spark has been losing its appeal to me. I really like the tests that’ve been around for a while, like the purity and sex tests. The more recent ones lack something, and this “IQ test” seems to be just a stupid joke. Combine that with their rip off of The Onion with humourous “news articles” and their recent attempts to flog all sorts of merchandise, and I’m starting to really…you know…not like them very much.

pathetic whimper I can’t flame very well, can I? Probably best that this stays in MPSIMS, then.

I checked this out, thank god for fiber.

I noted first that it did not matter whether or not I clicked a radio button. That made things easier.

So, I just happily skipped to the next page, and am currently sitting on question 371. I don’t see any end in sight. Also, the questions repeat themselves pretty frequently. Blatantly, in fact. (the curse of a good memory is sometimes a blessing)

I would like to scream now.

Sounds like you passed. The losers are still going. :slight_smile:

Serial Poster Girl

And just a few minutes ago, I checked my e-mail. Looky what I found!
From: IQ Test
Subject: Your IQ Score

Dear lover,

Here’s your IQ profile:

Your IQ: 97
About average.
Worldwide Average: 102

As you may have already guessed, while you were busy answering’s IQ questions, our sophisticated scoring system
was busy flushing your answers down the proverbial toilet.

But don’t cry, just the fact that you are reading this email and not still answering questions proves a teeny tiny amount of
intelligence is squirming in your brain. You see, our IQ test is rigged to ask you random schlapp until THE END OF TIME.

So, in fact, the test does determine how smart you are – based entirely on how long it took you to get wise to our jive.

Here’s more of your results:

You answered a total of 37 pages.
The average number is 36.
11489 people have taken TheSpark’s IQ test.
The stupidest person so far answered 1511 pages of questions.
His e-mail address is:

The best thing you can do at this point is make your friends feel incredibly stupid. Forward the test. You’ll find that your friends who think they’re smart ACTUALLY GET THE LOWEST SCORES. Just don’t tell them how the test works.


  1. Forward the test.
  2. Brag about your score. Dare everyone to beat it.
  3. Sit back and wait for the BLOODFEAST.


The more I teaches you, the dumber you gets.

I must be real smart. After I read the posts, I didn’t take the test.

I have a feeling the webmaster there writes email to people who take the tests and/or saves the test info for some ummm interesting purposes. The purity test is not a new idea & is everywhere on the net & you can download several versions of it, if you just search for ‘purity test’.