More IQ stuff - does this test make any sense?

Found along the links from the SAT/IQ thread, I found this odd site, describing an odd society with a very odd test contained therein.

(At the site, click on Society, then Daedalus)

The premise of the test is working your way through a 4-D (3x3x3x3) maze by answering a series of questions.

A quick Google search found a site that describes the test as ‘Wierd’ and essentially meaningless - though the person who wrote it must have thought it was good for something.

So, has anyone seen this thing before? Does it any sense to anyone? Does it have a solution?

No, yes, Maybe. :slight_smile:
The site says do not consult other person, so in the spirit of figuring out the rules being part of the puzzle (oops, I’ve said too much already…), stop reading if you care. Anyway, it just looks to me like the goal is to come up with a consistant path which gets you from 1111 to 3333. It looks like it would be easy to get a solution, so there must be more to it than that. It doesn’t say, but perhaps the more marbles you have left at the end, the higher “IQ” you’ll receive in your report. Killing the Minotaur probably nets you more points also. Creativity likewise, but this is all speculation on my part. No one’s reading this anyway, because you all take the rules seriously.