Is This For Real???

Let’s have a Doper Poll.

Hmmm, no major news source has picked it up, and the interview was conducted by someone from an Internet Art Gallery. Gonna have to go with “Fake”


Y’know, I didn’t even have to click on the link to know that it was a bunch of bull.

Sad to say, yes it’s real.

Mr. Lee is my uncle. We don’t talk about him much anymore.

Myself, I sure hope he has a Caesarian. I saw mommajesus get sewed back up. I couldn’t imagine getting that many stiches there.


Wasn’t this a Billy Crystal movie?

Well, when you can save the animated .GIF that’s supposed to be the “live EKG feed” of the guy, I’d have to say that it’s a fake. Not to mention the other issues.


Although this seems to be a fake, it is possible. When a fetus starts to develop in the abdominal cavity of a female (adheres to the intestines)it’s called a utopic pregnancy…I think.

The same could happen to a male but the “father” needs to be ball-less…nut free…untestified as it were.

Well, I’m not convinced. Gonna have to go with “fake”.

spooje wrote:

Yep. And a really early one, too. It was called Rabbit Test and came out in 1978.

Of course, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior had the same theme.