Is this funny?

Someone just linked this YouTube video to me, and I couldn’t breathe for almost 30 seconds I was laughing so hard, but for the life of me I don’t know why I think this is so funny. Warning- It’s not really NSFW, but the sound is the most important part, so careful if you’ve got speakers turned on.

Batman on Drugs

I want my minute and twenty seconds back.

I want my ten seconds back…

It’s old, so I didn’t laugh, but when I saw it on YTMND a couple years ago it was pretty funny.

I too chortled merrily the first time.

I think the actual lyrics are quite hypnotic.

Link has sound —> The original is quite funny IMO. That batman one sucked though.

My favorite part is at 1:35 when the singer himself can’t take it anymore and laughs a little.

It makes far more sense in it’s original context.

Do you think he released any albums?

Wait, that can’t possibly be a real song. Did that guy have a stroke or something?

The answer is yes

  • Dare I click on proffered link? *

No, but, it did send me to youtube where I went on to seek out and laugh at videos that were funny.

I also watched videos that were cool, like the GTA4 stunt montage. It reminded me that what I want most in the world (after the big things like family, wealth blah blah) is GTA4.

This should clear things up a little.

Just “Rick Roll” me the next time. It beats the hell out of that.

Sorry. Not funny in my book. However, there’s no figurin’ funny. If it makes you laugh, you can’t help it.

Something I find rather difficult to understand is how closely related to country, religion, politicical position the sense of humour is.

No, not funny to me.

If it is, I didn’t get it.

It looks like we’re in the minority, Cluricaun, but I was laughin’. :smiley:

It didn’t do anything for me.

I posted this bizarre video (Indian version of “Thriller”)awhile ago. Nobody saluted. I guess the bizarre thing either works like crazy or not at all.

You’ll be pumping ovaltine…

Uh… I got about 15-20 seconds into it and turned it off. Funny? No. Annoying? Sure bet.