Is this Onion Story True or did FoxNews get foooled? Rumsfeld Secretary's Day

I just saw on FoxNews that Donald Rumsfeld is looking forward to Secretary’s Day. It even had this exact quote from Rumsfeld:

This just like a story in the Onion and the quote is the same. . So is this story true or FoxNews just not good at fact checking?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Fox News ripping off an Onion story? Out-freakin-standing.

Let us know if they start featuring bits on Batboy.

That story in particular may not be true, but something like that could have happened. Last year, my friend sent Colin Powell the FTD Secretary boquet. Nobody signed for it though, so it was a waste of $35.

I don’t doubt that some smart ass with clearance to get to him did it.

No. Way. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Is there a cite for the Fox News story?

i so want this to be true, but the last half an hour spent searching has turned up nothing.

though secretarys day + donald rumsfeld typed into google does turn up quite a few humorous results, none from FOX News.

I have a friend with FOX Sports and he says that the FOX News & CNN people are constantly feeding each other fake stories trying to get the otehr to bite.

There was one FOX reported a few months back, but I cant remember what it was, hopefully he does, if so I’ll update.

The exact string ‘ "secretaries’ day" “donald rumsfeld”’ (minus the single-quotes) turns up nothing whatsoever on Google.

I’m not surprised.

Given that this is GQ rather than the Pit, perhaps the OP should find a more important, and above all factually correct way of attacking FoxNews.

Yes, the Onion aparently got a few bites from serious media organizations when it first got started, but by now everyone knows who they are, and I doubt that even Fox would use it as a source.

I saw the story on Fox news. In the same segment, they ran a story about “Onion”, and its spoofs.

I think you were supposed to connect the dots.

I wish this were true too, but doesn’t have anything.

Well, apparently the Chinese still don’t know. Remember, one of their news organizations used an Onion article claiming that Congress was threatening to leave Washington unless they were given a new capitol building.

OK, more details:

Fox news told the story, including a picture of Rumsfeld.
Then they discussed “Onion’s” spoof stories. They held a copy of “Onion” in front of the camera with the same picture on it.
Somehow I don’t think they were fooled.

Here is what I saw. It was on the show right before “The O’Reilly Factor”. The show is called “The Fox Report”. The anchor said that Donald Rumsfeld was looking forward to Secretary’s Day and gave the Rumsfled quote. I didn’t see or hear anything about the Onion. They may have discussed the Onion but I didn’t hear it.

You are probably thinking of when Brit Hume reported the urban legend about the guy dying at his desk and not being noticed until after the weekend. The story was corrected the next day.

As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone has gotten the message that The Onion is satirical. The site I linked to is having server problems, but the gist of it is that an anti-gay group in Ontario used a picture from the classical Onion article “'98 Homosexual Recruitment Drive Nearing Goal” as evidence that homosexuals were promoting their “agenda” in schools.

Here’s the []Google]([url) cache of the above article, if anyone’s interested.

Oh, for the love of… Fixed link. (I hate automatic link-parsing…)

About a year ago the Spanish press reported as factual an Onion report that the new president of Iraq would be chosen by a TV reality show “Appointed by America”.

If it was near the end of the show you may have seen “The G Block”. It’s where the entertainment/celebrity gossip/rumor goes. Don’t take it seriously.

I think it was to do with WMD in Iraq.