Is this product available in America? If not, how well do you think it would sell?

I had to pop to the chemist today to pick up a prescription - on the counter, there was a little cardboard display box of licorice pellets (actually, licorice, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint) - purportedly good for the voice box - used by singers to keep a clear throat.

They come in a great little plastic pack that will fit any pocket - it looks like this. Are these available in America? If not, do you think they’d be popular?

Not with that name.

It’s quite something, isn’t it?

I just lol’d. I was not expecting exactly that.

ahem … we have Tic Tacs and Altoids, but I’m not sure anyone has ever merged the two. Sounds like a thrifty plan, niggardly almost.

Oh my golly.

I believe it’s possible to buy Ga-jol here in the US, isn’t it? And Fisherman’s Friend is pretty much the same stuff, right?


Here in the US we have Thayer’s throat lozenges marketed for singers - they have slippery elm bark, not peppermint, etc. mentioned in the OP, though. They are quite soothing, actually.

Why on earth do they use that name in England? There are lots of African-descended people there, doesn’t stuff like this bother anyone?

I think it’s just because they’ve been around for a long long time - it’s a traditional name. I don’t know if they’re widely distributed enough to cause offence - this is the first time I’ve seen them, I think.

Fisherman’s Friend was my first thought too–at least here in Canada, you can buy them by the pocket-sized tin box or bag. They’re probably in a plastic box now; I still fill up the tin one I got years ago with ones purchased in a bag.

As for the ones in the linked photo; while the product might sell, it would definitely need a new name.

Fishermans friend (assuming the product we have here is the same as yours) are not like these - FF is a little oval sawdusty tablet with strong flavour - these things are tiny cushion-shaped pellets of hard, almost pure licorice.

Perhaps not, but they have quite the following among singers and speakers for the same reason as the OP’s product. (As an aside, I find it pleasing that, at least in the US, Fisherman’s Friend is a Pez product!)

We also have Throat Discs, which are quite specifically targeted towards the same users as the… little lozenge with the unsavory name. Licorice lozenges for overworked voices.

Maybe they are multi-purpose…for Africans with hemmeroids.


Wikipedia compares them to Sen-Sen which is what they sounded like to me. Used to love Sen-Sen, but it seems to be available on a rather limited basis at places like Old Time Candy and places like that.

Wikipedia compares them to Sen-Sen which is what they sounded like to me. Used to love Sen-Sen, but it seems to be mainly available on a rather limited basis at places like Old Time Candy.

This thread is the first time I’ve heard of them. Marketing the things nationwide would be difficult, yes.

From their history it places Sen Sen available when people actually chewed spruce gum. I’d give them a try. I don’t know about spruce gum though.

I thought Fisherman’s Friend was a very strong cough drop? Ivylad picked some up for me when the Navy had us in Connecticut, but I haven’t seen them since.

Mentholated Ju Jubes

Don’t know where they come from, I bought them, years ago in Asia. Red tin, I think, made by some brothers or other. I can’t remember now the name. But I kept the tin hoping to track them down again someday. I wonder where it is now. I never did locate them again.

But they were wonderously good for the throat. They were very small and covered with granulated sugar, but the ju jubes themselves were not sweet. They lasted a long time in your mouth, bathing your throat, mmm very nice indeed.

And this thread has made me think of them again.

Thanks, now I’m jonesing for them with no chance of relief!

And, as it happens, I have a scratchy throat.

So now the breath mint makers are insulting the Jews too? Does Mel Gibson a spokesman for the industry?