Is this SDMB's C K Dexter Haven on Salon's main page?

I put this in GQ since I don’t know that it is him, and I’m just curious. I searched, so my apologies if this is in some other thread I couldn’t find.

Check out the main page at:
and scroll down a bit looking at the right-hand column under “Salon Personals: Catch of the Day”

Oh yeah, if it is you C K, congrats on being Salon’s “Catch of the Day”!!

No, it isn’t or at least I hope not as according to his profile in Teeeming Millions he’s been married for 30 or so years

The name comes from a film character.


Heh, from that link:

What kind of name is C K Dexter Haven?

There’s also someone on the Orson Scott Card forum also using that character’s name as a username. I verified that one’s not our CK.

Anglo Saxon.


Someone used to write movie reviews on IMdb using that name, too. (Or, it could have been the character from “The Philadelphia Story”)