Tracy Lord and C K Dexter Haven--any relation?

Forgive me if this has been asked a million times before, but guests can’t search the forums; I figured this was the appropriate place to put this query (mostly because of this thread), but I could be wrong.

I’m a huge Philadelphia Story fan (“hearthfires and holocausts,” oh my!), so of course I wondered if there’s any connection between C K Dexter Haven and Tracy Lord, or if it’s only coincidence…?

Only coincidence. “C K Dexter Haven” is a fairly common name, ranks just after “Smith” and “Patel.”


Ah, good to know. Thanks for the quick response!

Well did you ever? What a swell message board this is!

glee: UGH! That’s the wrong movie.

You know, I never thought it was possible they could make such a bad movie with Grace Kelly and Satchmo…

I was wrong.

And from now on, I have a really bad feeling that whenever I see Dex’s name, I’m going to hear Jimmy Stewart’s character in the throes of drunkenness belting out, "C K Dexter Haven! Oh! C K DEXTER HAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEN!


C K Dexter Haven and Traci Lords, on the other hand…

Sheesh! I thought I was the only one that got that download. :smiley:

pokes head in Hey, that’s me!

Embarrassingly enough, I had no knowledge of our esteemed administrator’s nomer when I signed up. I’d just finished a two-month run in Philly Story, having one of those “gee, my character and I are the exact same person!” experiences, and plugged in the screen name. Voila!

My sheer coincidence, my real name is Lydia the Tattooed Lady, but I figured that it was already taken.

Well it was a remake, but you were played by Bing Crosby, who dueted with Frank Sinatra.
And Grace Kelly was there too.

Surely not an ‘ugh’?

C K Dexter Haven and roger thornhill are, however, the same person.

OK. Who left the wine cellar unlocked with Colibri coming by?

tomndebb is young. Well, younger than I. And probably stays up all night reading dictionaries and encyclopedias, instead of watching Hitchcock movies.

Please forgive him.

Nah. It’s just that every time I’ve wanted to watch North by Northwest, the local station has swapped in The Man Who Knew Too Much, so I’ve never seen N b Nw.

And while Tracy Lord is the same person as Eva Lovelace, Traci Lords is no relation to Linda Lovelace.

Got it straight, now?

I like* High Society* too, especially the Crosby/Sinatra number. Classic stuff.* But there are some people who…um…like to look down their noses at what Orwell might have called ‘good bad films’, if he hadn’t been so into books.

  • Have you heard that Mimsey Starr
    [What now?]
    She got pinched in the Ass…
    -tor bar

Don’t write 'em like that any more

High Society makes the baby Jesus cry! Definitely not good bad but just plain bad bad. Almost as terrible as the version of Guys and Dolls starring Frank Sinatra, Jean “The Robe” Simmons, and (of all people) Marlon Brando.

But I’m a huge William Castle fan, so I’ve got to agree with you that there are some films that are just so abysmally bad, they’re good…

Oh, I liked Guys and Dolls! And although I love Cole Porter (even sat through De-Lovely twice), I’ll admit that I’ve never seen High Society. Miss Hepburn was quite sufficient for me.

Wait until you see Grace Kelly in her final film appearance. She’s smoking!

The Cole Porter songs alone make the film worth watching (besides Louis Armstrong, and Sinatra/Crosby taking the mick out of each other in ‘Well Did You Evah?’): ‘Mind If I Make Love To You’, ‘True Love’, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, ‘You’re Sensational’, etc.

Review here.