Is this serious or am I being whooshed--"I Blame the Patriarchy" Blog

I stumbled across this blog when reading Broadsheet (a feature about feminist issues/happenings in the news). linked to this blog as one of the ones that the people contributing to the blog enjoyed.

I can’t tell if it’s entirely serious. I doubt Salon would link to something that was an entire joke, but it’s coming across as super scary radical feminism. It’s hard to hear someone saying that the fashion industry is an evil conspiracy to keep women oppressed without thinking there’s some irony there. (Or that it’s Ann Coulter mocking what liberals think.)
This entry on BDSM comes off as pretty crazy as the blogger openly admits to mocking BDSM. Because it’s the patriarchy. Or something:

Or this entry on giving blow jobs:

Come on…this has gotta be irony? right…? Right?

I like that blog. I don’t think she’s trolling. I think she really believes what she says, she just says it in rather bombastic ways. I haven’t read more than a fraction of it, but from what I remember she came across as quite intelligent, just with a radical viewpoint. I suggest reading her post “Patriarchy-Blaming the Twisty Way” linked at the top right. Some of the commenters appear to be off their respective rockers, but that’s par for the course with blogs. Or the internet.

Yeah, she’s for real. I’ve got her bookmarked at home.

It just seems representative of a huge double standard. If someone described a vulva/giving head as disgusting and like sucking on a rotting fish, she’d be up in arms. On Broadsheet, they mentioned Doris Lessing saying she thought that the pendulum had swung way too far to the point where bashing guys is much more acceptable. I’m just wondering–how is this not a hate filled diatribe?

I like the increasing scale of awfulness:

She’s deliberately over the top, guys, and a lot of it is intended as humor. Ex: the previous line about the increasing scale of awfulness.

People say feminists don’t have a sense of humor; this is entirely incorrect, our sense of humor is just very different.

She’s as funny as Ann Coulter.