Is this site satire or not? HugeQuestions

Huge Questions Stop blaming Jews

It seemed like satire at first, but the author might be serious. What do you think it is?

My vote is cuckoo for coco puffs.

Not funny enough or coherent enough for satire, IMHO. Also, the List That Goes On Forever of random famous men with sloping foreheads is a sign of true dedication to the cause. Whatever the hell the cause is.

BTW I feel sorry for all those poor Nazis suffering the ignominy of being put on a list with The Trumpster. Not to mention Tony Blair whose photo looks like he’s fellating a sink plunger.

Satire or not, it’s not art. Moving from CS to IMHO.

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It’s supposedly well-known that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Zionist Jews? Bwah?

And did you notice that his picture of himself, proclaiming him to be 100% Cro-Magnon, is taken from directly face-on, so we can’t see how much his forehead slopes?


Others have already mentioned the devotion to finding people. I’ll point out how the style of thinking does not match how racists tend to to think or even fit stereotypes of how they think. If he was satirizing, he would be copying their thought processes.

Yes, the Neanderthal thing is quite funny, and even made me laugh. But he is a true believer. There is no hint of irony anywhere in what he is saying.

Satire or serious opinion? In this era of #FakeFacts, #DoubleThink, and #WillfulStupidity, satire and serious opinion are now indistinguishable.

OP: Just flip a coin if you need an answer to your question. Whichever way the coin falls, it will give just as valid a #FakeAnswer as any other. :slight_smile:

On the plus side…

Mugshot of Vito Genovese, a leader of an Italian crime family. Or was it a Neanderthal crime family?

…will probably be the best mental image I get today.

I don’t believe in the sincerity of the OP’s question about that site (there is nothing like humor there and it’s filled with anti-Semitism among other things) and I feel like I’ve been tricked into clicking on that link. That site is both ridiculous and odious.

Not satire.

Satire sites user modern web technology. This looks like hand-coded plain HTML.

Satire sites include advertising. This has none because nobody would want to be associated with this shit.

Satire sites are humorous. Big zero on that one here.

Conspiracy theory nut job.