Is this that guy from The Shield?

Just as the title says, is this that guy from The Shield, Brian J. White?

I suppose it’s rather unremarkable that he might have worked as a model before his acting career and been in this particular ad, but I still found it strange to run across his face while searching for outerwear.

Also, as long as I’ve got you here, what do you think of the jacket? I ripped mine on the screen door, and thought this seemed like a decent replacement.

Well, if it’s not the same guy, it’s a remarkable resemblance. When I’m trying to determine if two pictures are of the same person, I compare the ears. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option here.

As for the jacket, I think it looks very nice but the low, low price of only sixy-nine ninety-five makes me think the quality is not so good.
I love the review though! :smiley:

Yeah, I had the same problem re: the ears. The hairline is the same shape though, which is another good indicator as long as they haven’t gone bald between photos. :slight_smile:

I was worried about the quality of the jacket. I got mine for Christmas a few years back, so I wasn’t sure how much they should cost, but $69 did seem a bit low.

I didn’t even notice that there was a review. Yeah, I guess I won’t be “rocking this leather jacket.”

I would say it is definitely him, but I can’t. So, IMHO, it is him.