Is this the better pi-day or last year's?

So pi is 3.14159265359… etc. and every 3/14 is pi day. All well and good.

But for better pi cred was last year, being 3/14/15 better pi, being accurate out to the 1/10,000ths digit, or is this year’s better being accurate to the significant digit in the same place (a less inaccurate rounding of pi)?

Nerdquiring minds need to know!

Pi day? Pshaw. Pi nanosecond last year was at 3/14/15 9:26.535897932 AM. I celebrated by eating one molecule of lemon meringue.

I reckon last year’s Pi Day was 3 times as good as this year’s, rounded to the nearest int.

Either way it’s only good because you’re using the 2-digit year. 1592 CE was really the year of the best Pi Day. Can you imagine what the parties were like then?

You only eat one molecule time?

What, you never heard of molecular gastronomy?