Is this the place for suggestions?

If so, here’s a thought that came to me after replying to one more like, six too many threads that were started years ago:

Is there a way to have the board change the color of a post that’s more than one year old? That way, it’s easier to notice if you are trying to respond to a years-old post as if it was posted yesterday.

Or one could just look at the date. That’s what I do.

No, the SDMB is not the place for suggestions. :wink:

Or you could have done some searching and found that someone requests this about once every week and that the answer always is that the board has no plans to change.

Just a suggestion.

Maybe we could color code posts where someone asks if we can color code zombie threads. How meta would that be!!

That’s not a bad idea: the problem is it would involve a fair amount of coding and testing. You might consider passing the concept over to vBulletin: Forum - vBulletin Community Forum?

Is this the place for suggestions? Well, that would depend on the suggestion. The Pit could be the right place.

I never meta suggestion I didn’t like.

This is absolutely the place for suggestions.

For instance, you should find a new stylist. That haircut does absolutely nothing for you.

A couple of years ago Polerius made a Greasemonkey script that does the trick. I find it to be fairly reliable, and though not excitingly fully-featured or interactive, good enough for my purposes.

Note there’s a followup script that also highlights threads before you click on them.

This would only help for regulars anyway. The people who initially bump the old threads are usually non-members, who wouldn’t know that posts should be blue instead of red.

It could be helpful for memebrs, though, because I often see a member add to a zombie thread unknowingly (after a newbie bumps it), and then get embarrassed when they find out.

Or you could have tested your theory and performed the search in google to see if any results come up before rudely suggesting someone else follow your method that doesn’t work.

Given that the OP doesn’t know how a thread may be worded, the natural thing is to search similar terms to the ones he/she is thinking, for example:
“color code old posts”

But the first two pages show nothing relevant other than this thread.
Just because you watch every episode of ATMB doesn’t mean everyone else does.