Is this thing really worth $300?

Did someone for actual reals spend two or three hundred dollars on this thing? And then give it to me as a gift?

The answer to the second question is “yes.” I’m wondering about the first.

Is the website linked to marking the thing up a whole bunch? Or is this really how much this statue is going for? (I looked in vein for another website selling the same statue.)

To clarify: It’s a sculpture about a foot high or so depicting Rodin’s The Thinker as the “jack” of a “jack-in-the-box” type setup, with the words “Think Outside The Box” written on the sides of the box.

If this thing is really worth a couple of hundred bucks, where can I most likely go to sell it for its full… “value”…

Craigslist? Ebay? Some kind of physical shop? Something else? Nothing?

If money’s not a worry for you, you might find some novelty in it.

Sorry, that’s all I have.

I do not get it.

It looks like one of those things that they sell in airline magazines. I always wonder who buys that shit.

Maybe they bought the set of bookends for $189.99 ($94.95 each) and gave you one of them. Sorry your $279 gift just got devalued by 66%. If you bought a house in Arizona 5 years ago, you know how that feels.

Next to the needle marks?

Is it worth $300? Apparently yes, to some, because your particular item was purchased once and for it to be in actual production would suggest others have been purchased as well. However, I believe the problem you’re going to find is that the pool of buyers likely will be exceedingly small. The dichotomy of the image it presents; the collision between the image of one of the world’s more iconic, powerful sculptures against a cheesy child’s toy and overused cliche. It’s like that gold plated Porsche or Ice, Ice Baby. It’s just awful.

Is it cast bronze? Maybe you could melt it down and get some of the value back that way.

And do a valuable service to humanity while you’re at it.

I’ll bet somebody re-gifted it to you. I recommend doing the same. There’s no telling how many times it will be passed along.

Man, I thought this was another Lawrence Taylor thread!

The site describes it as bronzed metal - I’m guessing steel.

As for its worth, I might… *might *pay $30 for it, but never $300.

I’ll buy that item for $300!

I will send you a check for $3000, you take your $300 and…

Five seconds on Google shopping and I found it for $71 to $79, and is available in bulk. I’m thinking they paid even less for it.

I would feel pretty damn insulted if someone sent me that – apparently I need a reminder to think better?

But it looks like it would would make a pretty decent blunt instrument to beat someone over the head with – if you catch my drift.

“Is THIS (thud) thinking outside of the box enough for you, pal? How about THIS (thud)?”

HAHAHA. The only reason it’s funny is because someone may really take it seriously, or I might buy one myself. For a fraction of price. Like 1/100. Maybe 1/50.

It was clearly designed by literalists. I wouldn’t want to study the Bible with any of them.

What keywords did you use?

If it were an actual jack in the box, and not just a sculpture, I could see spending $30 on it…