Is this video real? What is going on?

That song sounds familiar. I think it came from one of those insane flash cartoons that was making the rounds a while back (you know the ones with Mr Bean, Pee Wee, and Colin Mochrie).

Is this video for real? If you understand the language will it make sense? Or are the Japanese that, umm…, “Zanny”?

Yes, it’s for real. Yes, it is deliberately silly and outrageous. The group is known as Happatai (The Green Leaf Men). They are roughly the Japanese equivalent of the Village People. Yatta means (“I did it!”) by the way.

The hamsters are at work today. I neglected to mention that this is the original source of the Yatta song seen in the Irrational Exuberance animation.

A translation can be found here:

And here we have the straight dope: