Is this "Wild Hog" for real?

Take a look at this “wild hog.”

Read the story. The first thing that comes to my mind is “bullshit!” Anyone with any common sense would at least keep the beast’s head. I find the fact that he buried it right away quite suspicious.

Keep in mind that museums and scientists will pay money for rare zoological specimens such as that big hog.

Maybe that photo is posed so as to make the animal look larger than it actually is?

I think ol’ Chris is funning us.

There’s a tradition of this sort of thing in south Georgia. The head was “too big to bother mounting?” Yeah, a lot of trophies get lost that way, I bet.

For other such fun, Google Altamaha-ha.

Heads are only “too big to bother mounting” if they’re orbiting the planet, and easily seen in daylight.

No, it isn’t; His head comes to about the midpoint of the beast’s body, but that’s because the thing is strung up and he’s standing in a fucking hole in the ground!.

It looks like a large domestic pig smeared with mud to me.

Well if he just buried it on his property why not dig it back up to show people. The bones will still be there at least.

He’s behind the hog in the picture, but I can’t tell how far behind. If he’s 2 inches behind, that’s a big pig. If he’s ten feet behind, it’s a…well, it’s a pig.

If it is real, look up top. A rather manly specimen.

If you click on it, you get a larger image - he is standing behind the animal, but his right hand is touching the animal’s foreleg, so he isn’t more than a foot or two behind).

I just imported the image and did some empirical measurements (based on the 6ft height of the human) - from the tip of its toe to the tip of its snout, the animal is almost exactly ten feet long (not twelve), but that is because it is stretched out - from tail to snout, it is 7’8" and would probably have been a few inches shorter when it was alive and not strung up like that.

So yes, it’s a biggish pig - but pigs do actually routinely get frighteningly large, contrary to what many people think from watching the movies - this animal is not a ‘zilla’, by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s a big pig. At > 7’ it’s up there with the largest wild pigs in the world, the, African giant forest hog..
The maximum weight listed for those is ~600 pounds for a 7 footer.
The hunter’s thousand pound figure seems too high. With a pig density of around 1 g/cm[sup]3[/sup], the pig would have to take up the same volume as about 2.5 55 gallon drums of water. It doesn’t look like it does.

It looks just like an ordinary domestic pig to me.

450 kg (990 lb) is pretty close to 1,000 lb.

Hm, going by looks, it looks like a Yorkshire, same breed as the cute baby pig in Babe…they are called ‘white’ but all that really means is that they are light haired, and mostly the pinkish skin color shows through. They are known for being one of the larget pig breeds out there…and as a side note, often feral animals are larget than normal because they are not slaughterd young, but can be older and more mature specimins…I raised turkeys a few years ago, and after 3 years [most turkeys are axed at less than half that age] the largets tom was about 44 pounds/20 kilo and stood almost 2 times as tall as a ‘normal’ ready for slaughter bird of 12-20 lbs.

I have seen poland china pigs that topped 300 lbs, and were larger than a shetland pony at farm displays at fairs…so I can believe a monster boar of half a ton and a mature 10 years or so…

I’m such a sap. I googled pig hunting in NZ to see what the average weight was here (pigs have no predators in NZ…well other then hunters and their dogs) and instead I found this story. It made me weep like the girly I am.

Read it …its a lovely but sad story.

Put me off looking for pig stuff though.

I don’t think it is a wild species of pig; the article calls it ‘feral’, implying an escaped farmed variety or descendant thereof. That’s if it isn’t just a huge farmed boar that the guy bought, smeared with mud and photographed himself with.

It certainly is SOME PIG though.

For what it’s worth, there was a picture of a guy with a 1080 pound feral hog going around the internet a few years back. The blurb said that he shot near Junction, Texas, and the picture looked fairly convincing. I’ll do a search and see if I find it.

:eek: Egads, at that size it might be a good idea to do a necropsy and see if they can account for any missing persons…

I agree. I work in a taxidermy shop and I’ve yet to hear that excuse.

I’m counting the nanoseconds before someone chimes in with a critque of the dreadful Photoshopping skills of the presumed hoaxster. Has a thread like this ever been posted without such comments?

Anyway, I’m keeping an open mind. Still, the thing that stirs up my scepticism is this: What is the pig hanging from? There appear to be no trees nearby; furthermore, the species in the background appear too scrawny to hold the monster, especially so far from any off-camera trunk. The subjects seem to be out in a field without buildings in the vicinity, and I can see no evidence of a crane or scaffold or A-frame – not even a shadow. All of the above make me suspect it’s a hoax.

All “wild” hogs in the US are feral, being escaped farm animals or descendants thereof. Which is why (contrary to the OP’s notion) no museum is going to “pay money” for this animal. “Wild” hogs in the US are generally regarded as (very) destructive pests.

The specimen shown is a very big hog, but not astonishingly so. Hogs are very large animals when mature. The cute pigs like Babe you see in the movies are immature animals.

It often happens down here in Georgia that a “wild” hog shot in the woods turns out to be some farmer’s escaped hog, and that may be the case here (which might explain the alleged quick burial - to keep the farmer from finding out, identifying his hog, and making a claim for damages).

Presumably, the hog is strung up from the backhoe described in the story, which was used to bury it. The same backhoe that would have dug the big hole the man is standing in.

One other point. This hog is nowhere near 1000 pounds, any more than it is “twelve feet long.” It is obvious from the photo that the hog is not as big as described. Haven’t you folks ever heard of a fish story? The plantation owner is wildly exaggerating the size of his kill. (Did you think they took a scale into the woods and weighed it?)

it’s just a big hog, made bigger by the hunter’s tall tales (which were swallowed without skepticism by the reporter).