Is this Yoplait commercial the first one to feature a possibly gay couple?

In the commercial, a woman is doing a particularly painful looking yoga position when another woman walks in with yogurt. They talk about the yogurt for a while and then the woman in the yoga position says “Honey, I can’t feel my hand” like a married couple would talk.

So I guess my question is, do you think the couple in the commercial is supposed to be a pair of lesbians and is the first commercial to feature a homosexual couple? And if not, what is?

I guess ads that exclusively run on Logo wouldn’t count.

I remember when this VW commercial was being aired, some group or organization boycotted it because they felt the guys in the commercial were a couple. I don’t see it but if they are then that’s an earlier commercial.

Justin: I’ve always thought these guys were gay, which predates your linked commercial by a decent amount of time.

Though I don’t imagine my linked commercial is at all the first.

Ah, the “Da Da Da” commercial. That takes me back.

I’d say that doesn’t count because no only do the characters never acknowledge any kind of relationship, they don’t even speak at all!

Hmm, could be. I definitely get a “couple” vibe from them.

Perhaps her name is Honey. :slight_smile:

In any case the rest of the “conversation” really doesn’t offer any clue as to their relationship… and is rather more formal than I’d expect from a couple… (of course that could be because it ain’t a conversation, its advertising).

I think you’re waaay over thinking this. :slight_smile:

There was an insurance ad that ran in 2000 with a gay couple adopting a child. I think it was a John Hancock commercial and it ran during the Olympics.

Ah, here’s a link - Survive BEAST Week During Basic Military Training

I know women who refer to everyone as “honey.”

On the other hand, they clearly at least live together. I wouldn’t be doing yoga alone in a friend’s house. I also wouldn’t be letting myself into someone else’s house. And the place seems pretty nice… not like they’re roommates in some cheap apartment to save money.

But there’s also the option we’re reading way to much into this.

I don’t care. Honey has a phenomenal ass and if all I have to do is “convert her,” well, I had a girlfriend who liked to “convert” guys.

(looking at that and pausing)

Honest to God, I was the instigator in that relationship. No “conversion” needed.
:smiley: has some gay themed ads:

Here’s GLAAD’s Commercial Closet which looks at ads it considers pro-gay and ads it considers anti-gay.

There was a “family” cell phone calling plan ad on maybe…three or four years ago that had a bunch of short clips of people trying to explain their huge cell phone bills to their families, and one of them was of one man talking to another man. IIRC, one of the men was in the bathroom, shaving, and the other was standing in the doorway, so it was pretty domestic. I assumed they were supposed to be a gay couple, anyway.

Well perhaps it might have been a Boston marriage…or maybe her hand was tired from ummmm…a “certain activity” LOL.

There was a local one (I’m from the SF Bay Area) a few years back for the mayoral race that featured…aha! Here it is. That was in '99, and it aired on the local network affiliates, IIRC.

She didn’t say “I can’t feel my hand,” she said, “I can’t find my hand.” The result of being twisted around like that.

I realized I’ve never heard her say “honey” before, so I chalked it up to my usual inattentiveness about commercials. I just saw it on TV, watching a recording of the 7/6 episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and she does not say “honey” in that version.

That, plus how often to pairs of similarly aged men go and buy car insurance together if they’re not in a relationship?

Thanks! VeryCoolSpouse and I saw this when it aired, and I turned and said “Did I just see that?!?” Yup.

The punch line, not mentioned in the link, was, IIRC “We really ARE a family.” I loved it!

We never saw it again. I’d be eternally grateful if someone could find a link to the actual commercial.

I’ve seen this Orbitz commercial on TV.

I can’t stream video at the moment, so I’m not sure if any of the above links are of this, but one of the Flo the Insurance Chick spots has two guys talking to her about insurance together. It’s the one where one guy sold his watch to the other guy and the other guy won’t sell it back to him.

The ol’ Gay-Dar (version hetero) was pinging off the scale. I suppose the rainbow shirt one of them was wearing was a bit of a tip-off.

Wasn’t there an IKEA commercial from about 8-10 years ago featuring a male couple buying furniture together?