Is Tiger Woods Finished?

The alleged affairs count continues to rise.
The official sponsorships abandonment list grows as well.

Is Tiger Woods’ premier golfer status over? Will be able to succeed as a pro golfer, or will all of this just blow over and he will continue to score the course?

It didn’t really hurt Kobe in the long run. He’ll be fine.

He didn’t kill anybody, or beat anybody up. This will pass.

If nothing else, he can likely do ads for Erectile Dysfunction products…

Finished? The effin’ Jason Voorhees of golf? He’s gone through every kind of hell imaginable, he’s been written off too many times to count, and EVERY SINGLE TIME he’s made an absolute complete 100% recovery and becomes every bit as overwhelming and dominating and crushing.

It defies description. Andre Agassi declined. Evander Holyfield declined. Michelle Kwan declined. Hell, Michael Jordan declined to the point where he was just another pretty good shooting guard in his final season. Tiger has been on tour for about a decade, he’s had the weight of the world on his shoulders forever, he’s had back problems, a bum leg, coaching changes, caddy changes, hecklers, an annual Ryder Cup commitment, soul-crushing runner-ups to guys he should be able to slaughter blindfolded (he blew a major to Angel Cabrera, for crying out loud), etc. etc…and there hasn’t been the tiniest decline that you could detect without an electron microscope.

A dime-a-dozen sex scandal is the nail in the coffin? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Now, I am by no means a fan of golf, quite the opposite in fact, but even I know it’s going to take a little more than a run-of-the-mill infidelity expose to finish Tiger’s career.

Oh noez the sky is falling! :rolleyes:

Get a grip people, just not on Tiger’s wood. :wink:

The bottom no is obviously incorrect (because, eventually, all golfers fade.) The bottom yet is similarly obviously wrong.–What I can’t have fun nitpicking the votes like every one else? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I assume everyone here knows that it is quite rare for a infidelity scandal to actually hurt an athlete. And, compared to most, this one is completely tame.

As long as his wife doesn’t kill him, Tiger will be fine.

(link is a video)

Tiger strikes me as a little sensitive and fragile. I don’t think he ever wins another major.

Well, he’s off my list. . . not that he cares. But no, career-wise he’ll be fine.

What he’s done to his family makes me sick, I really ache for those poor children, and for his wife. But I’m sure he can still hit golf balls.

I think Tiger is too important to golf for him to be “finished”. Take Tiger away and there are very few (if any) truly marketable stars in that sport. Then all the doods like me who don’t follow golf except when we read about Tigers come from behind win on the sports page will tune out golf all together.

If you follow golf I’m sure there are alot of players you think are great and think are “stars” but to the typical public Tiger IS golf.

The only way Tiger’s golf career is finished, is if he personally chooses it to be. And I don’t see that happening. I think he is just too competitive, and is nowhere near over-the-hill yet for a golfer.

Also (and not necessarily intended as an insult towards Tiger) but I don’t really see that he has anything that would fill the void that would be created if he took competitive golf out of his life.

It IS possible that his best golf might be behind him, but his game could drop off considerably, and he would still remain the best of the current crop. And he would continue to win more majors than any other single active golfer for some years to come.

I think he’ll suffer for awhile and then rebound, reassuming his dominance. What’ll be noticeable though is the lack of support from many when he ties and then breaks admirable family man Nicklaus’ 18 major wins record. What with golf being a relatively conservative, gentlemanly sport, some who might have cheered him before will be less supportive now when that milestone is reached.

I think a lot of people already kind of resented him for already eclipsing Nicklaus in terms of noteriety, popularity and GOAT talk anyway.

Getting past 18 has been the driving goal of his entire life. I can’t see him giving up on it now. If anything, golf will give him a little psychological comfort and escape. There will be some heckling from the galleries, but the public has a short memory, and they will pretty much have forgotten all about this stuff by the time he passes Jack. If Kobe survived, then Tiger will too. It’s not like Tiger did anything illegal, or was accused of a crime or physically hurt anybody.

Does anyone think he’s the only guy on the tour who cheats on his wife?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws himself into the game like he hasn’t before and 2010 ends up his best year ever. I would be shocked if this has any negative effect on his long term playing career.

Huh? I think you’re confusing Tiger Woods with ummm, every other golfer on the tour.

Unless the (relatively minor) injuries he recently suffered do something to his game, or he takes a psychological hit (doubtful), he’ll probably be okay for a couple of years and win 1-3 more majors in '10-'11. However golfers often hit a cliff after age 35 (he’ll be 34 this month), so time is slowly catching up to him and he may have less of a chance to catch Jack than the CW says (tho said chances are still excellent).

Please tell me you are joking here. The 2008 U.S. Open showed how sensitive and fragile he was. It is hard to think of another athlete in the world who would have continued, let alone one, with a comparable injury.

Seconded. Golf needs him too much, and vice-versa.

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No, I wasn’t. He just doesn’t seem well at ease to me. I think the thought that people are going to be thinking bad things about him is going to be very hard for him to shake. I guess we’ll find out soon enough when he gets back to his game.

I guess we see very different Tigers, then. The one I know has never been phased by the fact that he is significantly less popular (with fans, rather than other pros) than other players on the Tour. He has always seemed som singularly focused on golf that he doesn’t care what other people think of him, other than his (near) peers. And given the number of skeletons in the PGA tour locker rooms, I doubt anyone’s opinion of him other than Jesper’s has changed fundamentally.

If it has, it shows what hypocritical SOBs they are.