Is "tootsie" slang (black slang?) for something?

I watched the movie “Saw” the other night.

During one scene a dad said to his little girl, “Let me see your tootsie” meaning “foot”.

Well, some black teens near me got a pretty big giggle going, so I thought, “that must mean ‘ass’ or something.”

Then, the dad gets her foot, and goes, “you have a big tootsie” and that made me giggle too because I figured it meant “ass”.

Anyone heard “tootsie” for a body part?

“Tootsie” has always meant “foot” in our family. And “tooties,” obviously, means “feet.” I’m pretty sure it’s fairly widespread, just maybe something you hadn’t encountered before.

It’s the third definition given here:

In UK English it means “toe”.

I know its for a foot.

“Let me see your foot” didn’t send a gaggle of teenagers into conniption fits.

There was a hip-hop song a few years back, the chorus of which was a request to “let me see your tootsie roll.” The accompanying dance involved dancers – female, all – rocking and grinding their pelvises in a provocative fashion. As best as I could understand, “tootsie” in that case did, in fact, refer to the posterior.

Now, whether or not this was what made this movie scene so funny to the youths in question, I could not say.

My WAG on this is that “Let me see your tootsie” is just a “retarded funny” thing to say.

According to, “tootsie” (and tootsie roll" and “tootsie pop”) is associated with a number of feces-related concepts, but not the backside per se. This alone is enough to start some giggles. There also “Tootie” (or “tootie fish”) for a woman’s (or girl’s) ummm, frontside.

My mother’s word for “vagina” is tootsie.