Is Trump confused?

I’m not sure, which is why I’m taking a while to respond.

Maybe you are correct that Trump’s arguably confusing verbiage (definitely confusing to many of his detractors!) will bite him, especially when made into sound bites. But Biden will also say something that sounds weird, especially if taken out of context. I doubt a focus on who has the most senior moments helps the candidate running as the adult in the room, but who knows?

We are long past the “They both do it, so let’s look somewhere else” stage.
Nice try.

Swing/uncertain voters aren’t going to count the number of examples of arguably confusing statements from each. Fighting against bothsidesism, on this one, only works with those already committed to voting for Biden.

That contains too many negations for me to parse your actual contention.

I might agree with you; I might not. But since I can’t figure out what you mean, I have no way to decide.

Great, now we are confusing one another…

It’s confusion all the way down. Even the turtles are confused.

I hope Biden is debate prepping as much as Trump for the most important question Tapper will be asking: Would you prefer to be electrocuted because of a sinking e-boat or die by jumping over by a shark.

Democrats: Biden sounds old, he should drop out
Trump: Electric planes fall out of the sky when it’s cloudy

He didn’t say that it’s cloudy, he said “the sun isn’t shining” which could also include nighttime.

There are aircraft that use solar power, such as the NASA Pathfinder.

It has a backup battery to handle conditions where there is inadequate sunlight, and of course it’s unmanned. I’m not aware of any plans for manned aircraft to rely on solar power.

Trump does this often. He hears something, comes up with a potential problem based solely on speculation, then acts like this is some issue that he came up with himself because he’s a genius that none of the “experts” have thought of or are choosing to ignore. He loves him a good strawman, it’s easy for tiny hands to push over I guess.

Pundits: Biden sounds old, he should resign
Trump: Biden made bacon illegal and is too chicken to fight me in Hell In A Cell

My father-in-law was at baseline a very inappropriate person, may he rest in peace. He ended up, before he died with a brain bleed from a fall, having many small strokes of his frontal lobes. It took a while to get it investigated as the main presentation is often disinhibition with the saying and doing inappropriate things. Basically that was hard to notice in him.

I don’t know if there is something like that going on in Trump. But just like in my FIL it would be hard to notice. Meanwhile, Trump confused and inappropriate is not a news item anymore than Francisco Franco is still dead would be.

The former president’s rally, held at his Doral golf club, was notable for Trump challenging Biden to another debate with “no moderators” and “no holds barred,” as well as an 18-round golf course that would end with him giving $1 million to the charity of Biden’s choice if Biden defeated him.

Presumably after Moose and Rocco help Trump find his checkbook.

Yeah, but look at him walk funny! Doesn’t he look ol? Clearly he’s too old and looks old and is old and there needs to be eight front-page stories in the New York Times about how old he is.

Why aren’t the Dems just running clips of this stuff as ads, nonstop?

Because the idiots don’t want to “go negative”.

A summary of Trump’s Doral rally. It’s going great, folks.

I don’t think so. I think it’s more that Dems know that Trump’s fans don’t care if he makes sense. They just care that he’s providing them the white-male-Christian-straight supremacism that they crave.

And the voters up for grabs? Repeat the nonsense and they just are more likely to think “yeah I heard that, must be some truth to it.”

These are voters who blame Biden for the death of Roe v Wade. They are not dumb but they are incredibly uninformed and uninterested in making any effort to become informed.

But as we’ve discussed, with these two candidates the election comes down to the 10% that can be persuaded to either vote a certain way or not vote at all.

Given the attention span of the average voter, I have a feeling that any attack ads run now would be a waste of resources (I seem to recall someone saying that the real campaign doesn’t start until after Labor Day). Better to stockpile “Best of …” quotes — and possibly use focus groups to determine which have the most impact — during the summer, then unleash them closer to the election.

If the Dems don’t take advantage of the cornucopia they’ve been handed, they deserve to lose; unfortunately, they’d take the rest of us with them.