Is Walt Disney really in a Cryogenics lab in Arizona?

I live in Arizona and I’ve heard a rumor from two people I know. Does anyone know where this came from or if it is true?

Here is a link

that covers this false rumor very well.

Check out the whole of the site, as it is very popular here, & you will surely find it interesting.

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Nah. Urban Legend. See:

Beaten to the punch again! Timothy Leary did have his head severed after death for cryogenic freezing, though. they show it at the end of the movie “Timothy Leary’s Dead”, I hear. The actual footage.


Check this out.

Nope. He was cremated and buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA.

It’s a pity he wasn’t frozen, really. It would give a whole new meaning to Disney on Ice.

Snopes is all well and good, but if you want the Straight Dope, why not just read Cecil Adams on Is Walt Disney’s frozen body buried under Disneyland?


Fourty years from now, will we be having questions about whether or not Ted Williams’ body is still frozen somewhere?




A More In-Depth Answer

William Poundstone, in his book Big Secrets (or maybe it was Bigger Secrets or Biggest Secrets) makes it quite clear that anyone with $10 to spare can request a copy of WD’s (or anybody’s) death certificate from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Such death certificates clearly mention the dispostion of the corpse.

Mr. Poundstone forked over the $10 and confirmed that Mr. Disney’s body was cremated and that the remains were interred at Forest Lawn cemetary.

Furthermore, go to and search “Disney” and you’ll see a picture of his grave. I’d post a link directly to Mr. Disney’s grave’s page right now but Findagrave is down today.