Has anyone who’s been “frozen” ever been brought back out of it? you know just to sort of test it? i mean, after all, it’s not like the Wright Brothers built airliners before they thought to check if this sonbitch was gonna fly, right?

Just wondering if we’re ever gonna see ol’ Walt D or anyone else wandering around the place dripping water every where and looking around all googley eyed

First of all, Walt was not frozen, that’s a myth. Secondly, the science of freezing people and then thawing them out and having them live is (and will be) science fiction. It works for insects sometimes, but when you freeze a mammal, you cause all the water in that mammal’s cells to expand, destroying most of them. It’s true that freezing can preserve DNA, but it cannot preserve life.

From the Cryonics FAQ:

(Bear in mind that that’s from a pro-cryonics site.)

Frozen, no. The water in the cells expands and blows them apart.

Significantly cooled, yes. That’s how some folks have managed not to die after being under cold water for extended periods. If they are hypothermic before their heart stops, particularly if they are children, they can occasionally be revived after a great many minutes of submersion. The hypothermia slows things down a great deal. But please don’t try this at home. If you are near a med library, chech out Sekar TS, MacDonnell KF, Namsirikul P, et al. Survival after prolonged submersion in cold water without neurologic sequelae. Arch Int Med 1980; 140:775-776.

I feel obliged to point out that cryogenic suspension is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. In almost every case so far, the money in the person’s estate has run out, and the body is thawed out and disposed of (buried, cremated, etc.) No immortality for those people…


What a crock…

Perhaps the OP has hit on a new slant on the vampire/zombie/revived mummy genre. Although watching the hero(ine) being approached by a thawing, cold drippy person might not give quite the right sinister air. Heh heh - just realised it might not be chilling enough. (I need a bad joke smiley.)