Is wiki wonky?

Or is it just me? The past few days, I’ve had some strange errors on wikipedia; for one, the search box occasionally does not accept input correctly, which isn’t much of a bother. Slightly more annoying is that certain pages appear not to load right, but are instead replaced by a plain text version – currently, the page I’m having trouble with is this one. (If you’re not seeing anything wrong with it, here’s how it looks to me right now.)

Is this a problem with wikipedia (i.e. does anybody experience the same thing), or is it on my end? If so, what could cause it? My browser is firefox 3.6, I’m not really running any unusual addons (of course, I’ll try disabling them if nothing else pops up), OS is Vista.


I’ve been experiencing the pages coming up wonky/plain text sometimes, usually when I click on a Category, in this is in IE8.

I asked about this a couple of weeks ago. Looks like an error on the server.

I’ve seen this sort of thing on from time to time, and it would go on for a day or two at a time. Once, I had my wife check, and it happened on hers as well. We both had Firefox, but she was on Windows 7, and I was on Linux.

Such questions are usually best answered on the Wikipedia IRC channel. Quite often the folks actually responsible for running the site, or people who are in contact with them, hang out there. If there’s a problem with the Wikipedia servers, it’s probably being discussed (or at least bitched about) there.