Wiki is down, at least for the moment

That’s OK, I didn’t have any grad school research paper due this afternoon…

It’s working fine for me (though I’m in France right now).

Working fine for me in Chicago.

Whups, it is here in Cleveland now, as well.

Crisis over. Whew!

It’s down here in Michigan.

I’m in Chicago and it’s been going offline then back online, then back offline since about noon CDT

Working in California. (Did you know that during the Battles of Wenden (1577–1578), 300 people blew themselves up in Wenden Castle to escape capture?)

Good thing I didn’t ask a mod to close the thread. Let’s see how this goes…

I was wondering - it’s been down for me.

I’ve noticed for the last half hour that pages usually don’t load on the first (or even 2nd) try. Keep hitting that reload button.

The pics aren’t loading but I can see the text just fine.

It’s sort of working for me - all text, no graphics.

Still zippo for us in Michigan.

Just in case anyone here doesn’t know this site:

Wikipedia is up for ATL routed through corporate HQ in Chicago, Illinois.
Trace route shows Atlanta to Chicago to Dallas to Tampa (where I assume Wiki has a server farm).

That site says it’s just me, but it clearly isn’t.

Wiki is still down from Columbus, Ohio.

I’m in Atlanta, it’s down for me.

downforeveryoneorjustme isn’t very reliable for DNS errors. I can’t connect to wikipedia using my Verizon connection, but my Charter connection works fine.

I get the opposite. The site says it’s down, but it’s fine for me.

It was down for me earlier, and now it’s working.