Wikipedia problem

For some reason none of the images on Wikipedia are appearing on my computer. Where ever there is supposed to be a picture there is just a blank. I’m not have problems on any other sites. Did I accidentally change a setting or something, or is the problem on Wikis side?

I’m seeing images OK over there. Have you instaleed any ad blockers or anything similar lately?

In IE, click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Multimedia/ put a check mark in the box for Show Pictures.

No. Nothing.

I’m using Firefox and I checked that already. I can’t find any reason why I’m not seeing the images. WTF?

I have no problems like this with any other website.

A certain somebody is going to explain to me why Wikipedia was in the “EXCEPTIONS” list for image downloads, and more importantly, why they were on my computer in the first place (I checked my keylogger program, I know who did it, and when! :mad: )
But thanks for the posts guys. :slight_smile: