Is "Wings" in DVD format yet?

I’m a Tony Shalhoub fan, and people keep telling me he was great in the TV series Wings. I never saw this show while it was running, so I’m looking to rent it. I have not been able to turn up anything on Google, but I thought I’d ask here before I give up.

Also, I keep hearing rumors that reruns are showing on TVLand/Nick at Nite/Other Channels, but research does not prove this. Anybody have any knowledge in this area?

Thanks for any help.

No, not yet but keep any eye on for info.

TVLand runs regular Wings marathons. 8 - 10 episodes in a row. The last one was maybe a month ago. No word on when Paramount will issue it on DVD, however.

Wings is shown sporadically on Nick at Nite (this is the Nickelodeon TV channel, the regular one with the kids programming during the day…NOT the one specifically devoted to older shows).

Looks like right now they’re only showing them on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 2:30 AM (central time).

It is a pretty good show.