Is Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Cake?

It’s cake-flavored.

Yellow cake, even with chocolate frosting, remains a radioactive compound, & should not be ingested.


Dibs on Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor’s piece!

Chocolate cake is when the cake itself is chocolate. I like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, so I may ask if you want some chocolate cake with white frosting. I also like white cake with chocolate frosting, which is how I would describe it to someone when I offered it to them.

I’d really like to join the majority, but unfortunately the way I was raised ( ass-backwards, no doubt ) any cake with chocolate frosting = chocolate cake. As an adult I’d probably specify “yellow cake with chocolate frosting” if describing such a cake to someone else. But if I saw a picture of one, the little voice in my head would say “chocolate cake.”

Chocolate cake is cake that is flavored with chocolate. Whether it has been frosted or not. If it’s not chocolate before you ice it, it’s not chocolate.

P.S. Imagine if Hazel’s nephew Eddie had some sort of digestive disorder that prevented him from tolerating cake frosting (this would obviously be A Very Special episode of Hazel).

Hazel: Here Eddie, I made a chocolate cake for the Baxters, and I thought you might want a piece. I know you’re frosting-intolerant, so I cut your slice before I frosted it. Come get your chocolate cake!

Eddie: :confused: wtf?

Since *Hazel *lives in a black-and-white universe, I’m questioning the assumption that the cake is yellow. It could be a very light cocoa cake with chocolate frosting . . . which would qualify as chocolate cake.

I have my grandma’s recipe for chocolate cake. It is chocolate through and through and doesn’t even need frosting. My mom and I rarely frost this recipe.

My favorite cake is yellow cake with dark ganache on top. Soooo much better than frosting!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is not chocolate cake. It is, however, the best kind of cake, and this thread makes me want some.

I wondered about that myself, so I went to the wikipedia page for the program. The picture they had was a screen capture from the show, and it was in color.

OP, were you watching in color?

Of course not. The cake isn’t chocolate. Therefore, it’s not chocolate cake. Not even debatable, IMHO.



How the fuck do you get yellow cake out of that?

I like Marble cake too. That’s a mix of yellow & chocolate cake. You get swirls of yellow & brown.

Even that isn’t really a chocolate cake.


What kind of yellow cake have you people been eating?
It’s delicious (and buttery), if made properly, and with the addition of chocolate frosting.

Sure. But irrelevant regarding the poll question.


It is not chocolate cake and it is cheating. I expect any chocolate-frosted cake to be chocolate cake, which contains chocolate in, you know, the actual cakey part.

I’m with you. In my view, anything contaminated with chocolate is chocolate cake. There are further divisions (such as German (which isn’t German), Black Forest (which is), or Devil’s Food (which is only German if brought to you by a little black dog)).