Is you is, or is you ain't my baby?!

Maybe baby’s found somebody new… Or is my baby, still my baby true?

(Sorry, I’ve had this in my head for much of this morning and felt I had to [FONT=&quot]inflict share it with everybody else. Carry on.)


Love that song. Joe Jackson did a pretty hot version of it once. Worth a listen. Not quite the original but updated nicely

Love it!

I hope you’ve seen my “take an old cold tater and wait” thread. Same deal.

Or “Open the door, Richard!”

I loved Anita Boyer’s version of it. (She’s an singer from the 40s).

This was a surprise: Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby by Anita O’Day among some other jewels.

I is ain’t your baby.

Uh… you were asking a question, weren’t you?

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My favorite version is Dinah Washington remixed by Rae and Christian.

That cartoon is absolutely married to that song in my head. Has been since I was a kid. The moment I read your thread title, I could see Tom plucking that bass. And once in a while, it does get stuck in my head out of the blue. Great song and great cartoon.

My mom sings this around the house sometimes. Can’t link to it, but thanks for the reminder.

That’s **Louis Jordan’s **song and I am pretty sure he is singing for Tom in the cartoon - sure sounds like Louis.

That guy totally rocks. Here’s his greatest hits- essential to a music collection, as far as I am concerned.

And here’s the first track on that CD, Saturday Night Fish Fry- I dare you not to smile. This would’ve made a great Tom and Jerry cartoon…

Shaddap, Tom, Jerry’s trying to sleep.

(And of course the OP’s link is to that. I should’ve known. :P)

Yep, they’re a twin billing forever.

I have always wondered if one of the only other extended speaking lines Tom has ever had was from a movie of the era I’m not familiar with? In what my now-adult ears can identify as a vaguely French accent? It’s the one where he gets inspired by a radio ad to get his very own, a-zoot, a-suit…

“I… I love you. You set my soul on fire. It is not just a little spark, it is a flame! A big, roaring flame! (Jerry lights his tail on fire) I can feel it now, burning… Burning… BURNING…” sniff sniff breaks accent “Say, something really is burning around here!”

According to imdb, the singer is Buck Woods. Here is Louis Jordan performing it in the movie Follow the Boys. Here is Jordan performing it on record.

I’d like to know who played the bass for the Tom & Jerry cartoon.

I don’t think Loouis Jordan gets the credit he deserves as a pioneer in the area of recycling. After all, he re-used the same tune for “All for the Love of Lil,” “Slender, Tender and Tall” and “I Like 'em Fat Like That” (and God knows how many other tunes).