Is your google fu better than mine?

I heard an interesting interview with Paul Watson today. He is the journalist who took the 1994 Pultizer Prize-winning photograph of Staff Sgt William Cleveland’s body being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. The interview prompted me to want to see the photo, although I expect it to haunt me, although not as much as it appears to have haunted him.

However, my google fu is weak, cause I can’t find it. Anyone want to help me have nightmares?



Now can you find the full body shot?

Just kidding–sorta. He did mention the close up and the full body and I would like to see both, but I really appreciate you finding this for me.

Is this the one you mean?

Yes! thank you!

<bows in admiration to Tabula Rasa and GorillaGirl>

Your google fu is very strong.

Tell us what search terms you used! It might be interesting to see how you got there.

Yahoo image search, using

as my search text.

A Google image search only finds the smaller image that Tabula Rasa found, but not the larger version. My google fu cannot explain it.