Isaac Hayes quits South Park

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So “Chef” quits because they “crossed the line” in their satire of religion? Trey Parker and Matt Stone have some sharp words for Hayes.

Think they’ll kill off the character or hire a new voice?

Wow, I guess I should watch that episode. But why’d he quit today if the episode aired last year and was ‘filmed’ a week before that? I’m interested in what they are working on now, that may have precipitated this?
As for what they will do? I’m expecting a very special episode…

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So, he has no problem when they’ve poked fun at every religion on the books, but when it came to poking at Scientology?!! Sheesh.

I’m surprised it took so long to happen. When I saw the Scientology episode, I figured this was a foregone conclusion. But you know what they say: fuck 'em if they can’t take a joke.

Now that’s an episode I’d like to see. I wonder what their take on “Bob” would be.

Here’s another person who definatly thinks that the Scientology episode was the cause of his, and suprised it so long. Perhaps the Church finally got around to threatening Hayes with a lawsuit if he didn’t quit south park? Either that or Hayes doesn’t have a TV and didn’t know about it until just recently.

Unless Hayes was really offended by the menstrating statue of the virgin mary, but “Red Hot Catholic Love” was far more offensive to the church.

I don’t think he’s been in many (if any) of the recent episodes, has he? I’m sure he was getting pressure from his “church”.

eh…“cause of this” and “took so long”.

Huh. Didn’t even know Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist.

Matt Stone’s response is bang on.

“I’ll sue you in England!”


Nor did I.
There’s a satire to the Shaft song here, but it’s not working.

Geez, the “church” must have put pressure on him. South Park has been making fun of $cientology for years. I remember one episode years ago where they mocked Travolta (around the time of Battlefield Earth and even mentioned HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED (Xenu), and come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t an episode. I could swear an animated skit was shown during some big awards show, maybe the MTV Movie Awards. And yeah, the Tom Cruise episode aired MONTHS ago! He sure didn’t mind sticking around and taking their paychecks. Maybe they wouldn’t give him a raise.

$cientologists are massive hypocrites. If they’re really all that upset, I expect Nancy Cartwright to quit The Simpsons any day now. They’ve made fun of the space alien cult plenty of times.

Who will replace him, James Earl Jones?
[darth vader]“What is thy bidding, my little Crackers?”[/darth vader]

Well, at least the Scientologists aren’t rioting over cartoon portrayals.


I’ve got no respect for Scientology, but why does everybody feel obliged to put quotes around “church” when referring to it? It’s just as good a church – well, at any rate, it’s just as much a church – as the RCC or the C of E.

I wonder if they’re going to just never mention Chef again, or write him out in some way that takes a nice parting shot at Hayes. Or have another person do the voice.

My guess is the character’s gone, I can’t recall them doing much with Chef lately anyway.

No, no it’s not. It’s all a scam.

Has anyone accused the RCC or the C of E of being an unscrupulous commercial organization, harassing critics, or exploiting members? Have any Cardinals ever been convicted of domestic espionage?

Okay, I’ll bite.