Isn't this just the most beautifully conceived Memorial?

If you have to memorialise - and goodness does this event need a proper Memorial - this idea seems truly befitting and appropriate.

What do you think?

It’s a beautifully meaningful concept . . . not merely symbolizing the lives lost, but the absence in the world due to their loss.

Wow. There are so many aspects to it - the sudden reminder, the “emptiness,” the way the names will always be just out of reach . . . It’s really beautiful.

That really is quite moving.

Yes. It seems to reflect the surreal sadness associated with that tragedy. I hope the Norwegian people feel that way and embrace it - similar to how the US embraced the Vietnam and 9/11 Memorials.

These memorials seem to be ushering in a new way to look at these structures. No attempt at uplift or triumphalism somehow involved - more of a true sense of loss.

Truly lovely, in every aspect. Very well thought through and beautifully designed.

Wow - I just looked at this again today, and I missed the second memorial that this includes. Scroll down - they’ll be taking the material removed from the first memorial, and using it in Oslo for the second. What an amazingly complete concept.