Israel ! stay the hell away from EU

EU is for countries within Europe and not Asia

the same goes for Turkey
I know that you think that USA will put preassure on EU, but it woun’t work so forget it.

Europeans aren’t so found of Israel as Americans are, you see!

We don’t need a big jewish lobby which may manipulate much of the politcs as in USA.:mad:

Israel is in Asia? When did they move?

I suggest that you find a map

I can see the tombstone now:

Naxox, born unto the SDMB Dec. 2002,
banned shortly thereafter.

The 'puter isn’t a toy, young one.

banned?? for what reason ?

Well, Turkey does have that little nubbin in Europe. Do you have any cites showing that Israel is seriously interested in EU membership?

In the 1950s, women will die their hair with liquid plastic.

Well, once we’d let Israel into the Eurovision Song Contest there was no stopping them.

You do know that there is a difference between Israeli and Jewish, right? I just say that because “big jewish [sic] lobby” makes you sound like an ignoramous.


Cocoa tastes like chocolate.

Wow, being Jewish, I don’t really appreciate comments like that.

Europe isn’t fond of Israel? It was England who agreed to give the Jews Palestine. There are plenty of Muslims and Christians in Israel I assure you. Almost as many as Jews if we’re including Gaza and the West Bank.

Unfortunatly, Israel is filled with problems ans strife and could use the help of the EU more than any of the countries already in it.

You don’t deserve us.

Take that comment as you will.

so you say that it isn’t a jewish lobby

what is the wrong to say what I said when it’s the truth


Alright, it seems my poorly informed fellow European is getting off to a bad start here. Typically, this sort of poster can go two ways: they shape up, or they burn and flame out in a couple of days. We know the type.

Anyways, let’s assume the kid is sincere. He obviously needs some explanations. So, point by point, Nanox. Bear with me.
[ul][]The region Israel is in is most commonly known as the Middle East.[]Turkey is partly in Europe, partly in Asia.[]The US (on the whole) has always been “more” pro-Israel than Europe. Political pressure has always gone both ways. I guess it’s fair to say that pro-Palestine sentiments are better received in Europe. But that’s not to say that the US doesn’t appreciate or recognise the Palestinian struggle at all: this problem is far too complex to treat with hollow oneliners.[]While there is indeed such a thing as a “Jewish lobby” in the US (I’m always amazed of people denying this, or telling you you’re a racist when you suggest this. Any group in any democratic country in the world, especially if they’re a minority, will try to find ways to influence the elected leaders of that country. It’s called lobbying, and it’s a normal part of modern politics. There’s nothing evil or sinister about it. There is a Jewish lobby in the US because of the simple fact that a significant part of the population is Jewish, but yet American Jews not a majority in any sense of the word. In the same way, there’s a Jewish lobby in my country, as well as a Morrocan lobby, a Turkish lobby, a Kurdish lobby… you name it.), making statements that seem to indicate this sort of lobby is bad makes you look prejudiced against Jews. Why wouldn’t Jews lobby for the interests of their religion and people? Hell, everybody else does.The EU does not equate Europe. You seem awfully riled up about this, whilst your posting this from Norway. Perhaps you hadn’t been informed, but Norway is not a member of the European Union. It is indeed in Europe, however.[/ul]Hope this helps.

Awwww, fuck it. All that trouble for nothing. You’re out of here, Nanox.

Errrrr, shame on me for reading too quickly. Obviously, Nanox did not post the inflammatory comment posted above, so he’s not out of here.

Allesan, would you mind explaining yourself, though?

I enjoyed my very first Dim-sun chinese meal at the Londopefest.

I wish there were such restaurants up here around Leeds, its hellish difficult trying to explain the concept to other Northern folk.

I heard there is a sizeable Chinese community in Manchester, so maybe there are Dim-Sun restaurants there.

Wonder if any UK dopers know of the nearest such place to Leeds, I tried google but got no joy.

  1. Alessan, representing Israel, was telling Nanox, representing the EU, that “you”, meaning the EU, don’t deserve “us”, meaning Israel.

  2. Alessan, representing the SDMB, was telling Nanox, representing Ignorance, that “you”, meaning Nanox, don’t deserve “us”, meaning “a free Internet bulletin board for posting your tiresome and ignorant opinions”.

At least that was the way I read it. Rock on, Alessan. :smiley:

Coldie, I was just making a snappy comeback. I think the footnote shows I was just kidding - after all, the word “deserve” can have several implications.