Israeli Music!

Since coming to America, I’ve forgotten how good Israeli music is. I haven’t truly enjoyed any music in years, but now… Well, a friend listened to some Israeli music, and I was suddenly reminded of my childhood songs: Eyal Golan, Kobi Peretz, and older, more classic singers, like Uzi Chitman and Eric Einstein. So to all of you Israelis out there: What’s new in Israeli music? I know about Hadag Nachash and “Teapacks” (Really? "Teapacks? Why can’t we spell it Tipeks?), but what else is new in Israel?

Until you all answer, I’m off to YouTube to enjoy some more Israeli music.

One more question (missed edit window):

I have a friend that really likes Israeli culture, and I want to show her examples of all types of Israeli music, from all the different cultures and styles of Israeli people. What artists would you consider “classic examples” of their style, and which of their songs should I show her?

I guess I posted this at the wrong time, when all Israelis were asleep. Since I’m looking for answers that can come only from a small group, time matters, huh?

Actually, I noticed your post; I just haven’t had the time to hunt down all the links it deserves. If work permits, I’ll get around to it tonight.

Off the top of my head:

Pop/Soft Rock, in addition to Arik Einstein, you really need to give the example of Shlomo Artzi. I don’t particularly like him, but he is ubiquitous.

Slightly harder – Yehuda Poliker, both in his incarnation as the leader of **Benzeen **(jeez, that dates me! :eek:) and as a soloist - especially his landmark album, Efer va-Avak (Dust and Ashes.)
[I can’t believe this album is over 20 years old, too…! :eek:]

Mashina, and in general, this and that from various members of the Banai clan (including the elder statesman of the clan, Yossi – RIP – who was a classic chansonneur rather than a pop songer)

Newer stuff – I really like Idan Raichel, especially his first album, “The Idan Raichel Project.”

If Rap is your thing… You’ve already mentions HaDag Nahash, and I’ll throw in Subliminal. I hate rap so I’m not linking to any albums :stuck_out_tongue:

There really is a lot more, but that’s all I’m coming up with at the moment (and I’m not really hip to a lot of the newer stuff – pretty much defined as anything from this millennium…)

Not an Israeli myself, but I’m a fan of Chaverim shel Natasha - Radio Blah Blah in particular.

Classic examples would include Kaveret and their offshoots Gazoz, some exponents of Mizrahi music - Boaz Sharabi and Ofra Haza, Sephardim - Yehoram Gaon, female singers - Yael Levi and Yehudit Ravitz. As well as Arik Einstein I also recommend Mati Kaspi and Shalom Hanoch.

You can probably tell which period of pre-history I spent in Israel. I recently rediscovered a lot of these through YouTube.

Shlomo Artzi! Woo!

Slightly off topic, but since all the Israelis are already here… Is there an official way to spell Tzadik, or Chet? Or is it Het?

Anyways, thanks guys! Alessan’s list is promising to be epic, knowing him. I wait eagerly.

Back to YouTube!

Oh, one more thing: What style, exactly, is Kobi Peretz? Mizrachi, right? What places exactly qualify as this? I always thought it was Morocco, but that’s WEST of Israel, not East… This will take you back to your childhood.

I like Yael Naim’s song New Soul, though I’m not sure if it actually has any particularly Israeli influences.

Have you heard the 2nd Idan Raichel Project album? I really enjoyed the first and am curious how the 2nd one holds up.

A couple of the songs – enough to be able to say it’s good, but not enough to be able to determine if it’s great or not.

It’s pretty funny… The songs I like today aren’t those that I regularly listened too as a kid… they’re the Mizrachi songs that were played at weddings. Yafa Sheli, Balbeli Aoto…

Infected Mushroom

Possibly the most successful Israeli act ever. At least that I am aware of.

This thread is making me think I should find a way to listen to Galgalatz over the internets. God, I loved that radio station. It was so fucking random. – Page is in Hebrew, but the banner near the top of the page has a link to the radio station (first link on the page starting from the top.) I personally Couldn’t get it to work for me, but I’m on a funky OS / browser combo (Win 2003 server / FireFox) here at work – so it’s worth your try. Apparently you need the Windows Media Player 11 Plugin, which isn’t working for me on W2003S/FireFox. YM will hopefully V :slight_smile:

A little later, after some futzing around: on IE7, it made me install a couple of plugins, after which I ended up with a toolbar with access to almost all Israeli radio stations. Works, too :smiley:

You’ll probably want to uncheck all it’s suggestions to make your home page, your search tool and your surrogate mother, however…

BBC’s The World just did an interview with an Israeli record store owner (or music critic or something like that) and played some of the currently popular acts. One of them was a guy who was said to sound like Janis Joplin (I could see where they got that, but his voice wasn’t quite like hers; I thought it to be more like Robert Plant). Perhaps he’s been mentioned already in this thread, but does someone know who I’m talking about?

Just throwing a wild guess out there – David D’or? (an example of his singing)

My absolute most favorite singer on the entire planet is Dudu Fisher. He is magnificient.

What is the title of the song that goes something like:

At mebalbelet oti, at mebalbelet oti, at mebalbelet oti at mebalbelet…

Mebalbelet could be something else, I’m not sure?