Israeli Nuclear Weapons Delivery Methods

It is generally understood that Israel has nuclear weapons, but I haven’t heard how these weapons would be delivered.

Does Israel have missile technology to delivery them to their presumed targets, or would they use their advanced military aircraft, or perhaps they have nuclear armed subs?

Having nuclear weapons is one thing, but having an effective way to delivery them is what makes them a true deterrent.

Jericho III.



Way to go, revealing star secrets all over the place! :rolleyes:

Ignorance fought. Thanks Alessan!

For all we know they’ve already been delivered, just waiting to be triggered.

Yeah, Israel is definitely going to hand some nukes over to Iran.

You’re right. They would never think of planning ahead.

Look, if you hide a nuclear weapon on Iranian soil, there’s a chance of greater than zero that the Iranians will find it. People screw up, and people get lucky. Better to keep all of your nukes where you can control them.

I’m just pointing out that Iran already knows the delivery methods that will be discussed here. If Israel nukes Iran, or any other country, they won’t be doing it the way anyone expects. Notice that I started my initial statement with “For all we know…”. That’s the important bit.

Why is it that Israel doesn’t admit to having nukes, when everyone in the world knows they do? What purpose does it serve?

Actually, warfare via “in situ” nukes makes a lot of sense. Suppose Israel transported nuclear bombs to Iran, and secreted them in warehouses, private homes, etc., around the country. They would access/control them via the internet-monitor their status, arm them (when necessary).
Next, Ahmadinejad makes a belligerent speech (threatening Israel)-the Israelis inform him (via diplomatic channels) that he faces immediate destruction-what can he do? If he calls their bluff-he’s gone.
No muss, no fuss…and Israel can blame the blasts on Iranian weapons blasts gone wrong!

All that is well and good, but I can think of any potential advantages that would outweigh the risk of the weapons being found.

Why not? Iran can’t do anything about a Jericho launch and certainly nothing about a launch from a sub. Knowing about the possibility ahead of time doesn’t help them any.

Horrible idea. If Iran finds a live Israeli nuclear weapon in their country, it would not only be an immediate act of war, but Iran would now have a nuclear weapon.

Wouldn’t it be pretty simple to rig the bomb to go off if discovered (by the wrong party)?

I doubt it. But even if it was, who wants to start a nuclear war by hap-instance. The cleaning lady stumbles across your nuclear bomb and “hey, guess we’re in a nuclear war now”.

By not admitting it then everything is speculation. Does Israel have 2 nukes or 200, or are they bluffing? It becomes a guessing game for their foes.

If you were their enemy would you take a chance and risk partial, if not total, annihilation?