It could be worse, you could look like this guy....

Granted it might ease the pain a bit to have what’s left of his money. I knew he looked bad but never realized the damage was that bad. It takes only a garden variety unethical plastic surgeon to work on a screwed up person but what kind of quack does it take to create such a monstrosity?

Good god, is it my imagination, or is his plastic nose peeling off?

There was another thread on this. I think someone should be in jail for what happened here. If you go to the other thread, there is a link to a pictorial walk through Michael’s plastic surgery hell (not to be missed!). Truly shocking.

Oh yeah – I saw the page with Michael’s pictoral progression from:

black --> white
boy —> girl —> not sure
human —> undead


Mommy, make it stop.

The HisTory of Michael Jackon’s Face

It’s like a train wreck.

That one flake of skin hanging off his nose is driving me crazy. For the love of Pete, I know it may take your whole friggin’ nose off, but use an exfoliant or something! Gah! Get some nail scissors or even just some superglue and glue it back on!


So his boogers can exist in a landfill for 10,000 years?

Michael Jackson is so creepy that I knew who this thread was about just by looking at the title.

It’s like there’s a freaking sundial on his nose.

I think the thing across the bridge of his nose is a bandaid. The tip of his nose though…ick. It’s not even the same color as the rest of his nose. Actually, it looks a lot like Silly Putty.

But doesn’t he claim to have some sort of skin disease? If that’s true, couldn’t that be responsible for some of the horribleness that is Michael Jackson’s Face?

He claims to suffer from Vitiligo but I’ll wager thats complete BS.

Snippets from today’s LA Times:

“In his zeal to have this sharply defined nose, he’s had so many things done, the tissue is no longer able to withstand it. The skin is so thin from operations that the bone or cartilage or silicone implant is pushing through,” said Dr. Les Bolton, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who made his assessment, as did other doctors, after looking at photos shot Wednesday in court. “If what is protruding is artificial material such as an implant, the treatment of choice would be to remove the implant, let the nose heal and reconstruct it later with some of his own tissue, such as cartilage from the ear or bone from the rib,” said Bolton.

Presumably, Jacko is getting what he asked for. Most surgeons say that without a code of ethics that addresses when to say no to patients who can’t say no to themselves, it’s difficult to know when to refuse a request for more surgery. Domanskis believes that drawing a line with some patients is particularly difficult. Jackson “probably should have stopped three or four noses ago. But it becomes very difficult with a person who is powerful and wants his way. There are enough plastic surgeons out there who are going to feel special if he comes to them that he is probably always going to find someone willing to operate.” Dr. Josh Korman, a plastic surgeon in Mountain View, Calif., and a faculty member at Stanford University Medical School, agrees. “A lot of times, doctors are trying to help patients, but it comes down to a judgment call. I always say that plastic surgeons can operate on the ears but not on what’s between the ears.”

Okay, I just can’t resist…

Heh. That reminds me of this one.


Accck!! This photo has been creeping me out all week long. There should be some sort of warning across the top or something.

To me, he’s starting to look a lot like an alien. Big eyes, no nose, pale skin…either that or one of those big-eyed creepy kids in those weird velvet paintings.

I think he’s crossed the line from merely “eccentric” to raving lunatic at this point.

I used to feel bad for MJ because he was poorly educated. He was either the youngest or second youngest of the Jackson Five, so almost all his schooling was done half-ass, on the road or “backstage”, before there were strict regulations about tutoring for minors.

But he’s 44 now, so that’s no longer an excuse. If he can afford all that plastic surgery, he can afford to get tutored. Then, perhaps, he’d be able to do the basic math that would prove nobody’s stealing his royalties. :wink:

You know what’s really sad?

If you look at the picture of him when he was 21, he was a good looking kid! Nice baby browns, nice smile.

And now look at him-he’s a freak of nature.