Could Michael Jackson's face be saved?

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that some astoundingly skilled therapist helps restore Michael Jackson to sanity.

Mike looks in the mirror and says, “Oh, my God! What have I done? I’m a monster! I don’t need to be young, or white, or female, but I want to look human again!”

Can his face be saved? Or has all the surgery gone past the point of no return?

His nose is dead.


saved for what?

Only if he accepts Jesus as his savior.

…in a jar by the door,
who is it for?
All the lonely people, where do they all come from…

If he ends up going to prison this time for pedophilia, I imagine there will be some fellow inmates who have other ideas about what to do with his face. (Step 1. Remove front teeth . . .).

Not unless somebody invents a time machine. He wasn’t too freaky looking before.

Only in America could a decent looking black boy grow up to be an uggggllllllllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee white woman :wink:

Well, they were able to reconstruct the nose of that guy who got lost on Mt. Everest.

As for Michael…maybe he could buy Joseph Merrick’s hood and hat.

WHAT nose??? He scares me… in the deepest parts of my psyche, he scares me. He is almost as bad as the scary “cat” woman…

Thanks dear…I’m sure to have nightmares tonight

This seems like a good thread to ask a question that I’ve been thinking about since all of this MJ stuff has flared up again. He has altered every aspect of his face, right? Eyes, nose, lips, cheek, chin, jaw. Nothing is left that is original, as far as I can tell. So what is it that is left of his face that still makes him recognizable as Michael Jackson? Is it only because we have seen him progress over the years? I think that there is some quality of his face that still reminds me of him many years ago, but I can’t quite figure out what.

Hope that made sense.

Well, as far as I know, he still has the same eyes. Maybe that’s it?

We could probably salvage some facial bones from a cadaver, and graft them to his skull to make up for the bone he’s had chainsawed off.

…Or maybe it’s time that we should just start talking about Brain Jars.

We know that evil, white thing is MJ because 1.) We have seen him transform over the years and 2.) His name is still MJ. His voice is still the same, pretty much, maybe more mature (funny to use that word about MJ). I really can’t say his eyes are the same, the eyeballs themselves yes, the shape… no idea. His nose really terrifies me. It’s down to the absolute last nub. How can he like the way he looks? Honestly… tell me how.

I think MJ lost touch with reality a long time ago, and no one around him is willing or able to tell him anything approaching the truth.

Not that he’d listen if they tried.

Yeah, he’d kill them and bury the corpse out in the Ranch grounds.

Aagghhh… shouldn’t have opened link… must scrub inside of skull with steel wool…


Of course. I have it saved in my garage. Even the dog won’t go near it.

There’s always face transplant surgery.

“Dr Barker said he could not and would not name a date when the first face transplant would be carried out because it would create unnecessary media attention. However he said the world-wide search had already begun for a suitable person on whom the first operation could take place.”

Look no further, Dr. Barker.