What was the final verdict re Michael Jackson losing his nose from plastic surgery - True or false?

I know there were some odd photos of M. Jackson re his nose, but some claimed his nose cartilage structure was more or less gone and he was using prosthetics and others say the pic was not representative of that.

Did he actually lose his nose due to repeated plastic surgery?

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It’s not so much that Jackon “lost” his nose, it didn’t fall off or whatever so much as that the multiple surgeries caused extensive damage. I’m guessing there was some necrosis/erosion on the tip and the underlying cartilage was so degraded the nose wasn’t well supported anymore. Supposedly there was a “third nostril” on one side, which is basically a defect/hole from the outside to the inside.

Basically, he still had a nose, it was just messed up real bad.

Apparently, Jackson’s nose was so hideous I am forbidden to see it.

I thought this was a rather sad image when I first saw it, a projection from the mid 1980’s of what he would look like when he was forty:


Handsome guy, such a pity his life went down a different path.

A path where skinny ties and popped collars were still around in 2000? The horror, the horror…

The autopsy report stated that there was a “bandage present on the tip of the nose.” They didn’t indicate there were any abnormalities regarding the nose, like a “third nostril” or whatever, and that was a very detailed report.

So false, he did not lose his nose from plastic surgery.

Michael Jackson looked like he’s the only person to play “Got your Nose” with his kid, and lost.


I wonder if that “projection” spurred the plastic surgery? It looks remarkably like his father, and as I recall, there was no love lost between the two of them.

What publication was that from?

Edit: Nevermind, I just noticed it was Ebony on the bottom corner.

Damn, that would be ironic* if that was the case…

*I can’t think of the appropriate word

CalMeacham, good one! :slight_smile:

I’d call it sad.