Michael Jackson's Nose.

Okay, someone told me at school that a “Reliable Source” Told them that at a Concert Michael Jacksons nose actually fell off and someone in the crowd picked it up and put it up for auction on ebay.

I didnt believe this from the first moment i heard it.
and now i need someone to confirm for me that i am correct.
Or at least confirm that either a) his nose did not fall off at a concert. OR b) his nose was not put up on ebay.

It is true! I was at the concert with Elvis and Robin Hood and we all saw it. I think Luke Skywalker bought the nose on EBay and took it to Endor.

I’ve got a few of Madonna’s nipples in case anyone’s interested.

Trade ya for a Madonna Pap Smear[sup]tm[/sup]

OK thanks, now i know i am right.

But is there any way to prove it?

i mean to win all he has to do is prove it is true, and he can just not even bother to do that and still not lose.
and i can hardly prove that is it false can i?

I’ve heard rumors about Jacko’s nose before, but I’m always puzzled as to why this would surprise people. I’ve always assumed that most parts of his head were detachable.

what has happened to his nose nowadays though? it looks freaky! is it how he wants it to look or has something gone wrong?

He wanted to look like Diana Ross.
Oh, and kryptonite is made from poopie.

Your Reliable Source

I’m afraid your subject is too narrow.

Nothing on Snopes about this.

Well, he’s had a total of 6 nose jobs, and AFAIK the surgeons left it attached to his face each time. What, is your friend saying that MJ just has a Phantom-of-the-Opera noseless hole there, and he sticks a nose on for concerts?

Tell you what–you ask your friend if someone did indeed put MJ’s nose up for sale on e-Bay, then what category did he put it under? Here’s the Index. It would just about have to be “Collectibles” or “Everything Else”.

I looked up “Michael Jackson nose” under “What are you looking for?” and it told me, “Sorry, we couldn’t find any items for Michael Jackson nose.”

It just sounds like a joke to me, Sydney, not even an UL. :wink: And “jokes” don’t have to be “proved” or “disproved”. But one thing you can do, if he just stands there laughing and leaves you feeling all sweaty and frustrated 'cause you can’t get at him, do this:

Go visit Snopes’ “Horror” category.

Browse. Find the most appalling true entry (that’s with the green ball, green for “go”). Share it with your friend. When he challenges you–“oh, come on”–give him the link, let him go see for himself.

I highly recommend the two guys who lost arms in a tug-of-war. It’s got a really gross pic and everything.

Then there’s the girl who was scalped on an amusement park ride.

The one about the golfer who died from chewing on a golf tee is nice, too, although not as gruesome.

And, see, these are all true, so that tops his “Michael Jackson nose” thing.

Does anyone have a link to an article or picture of the British actress who lost her nose to cocaine? I seem to remember someone on ths board mentioning her and saying that her doctors refused to do reconstructive surgery because she kept testing positive for the drug.

Strictly speaking, RAW, you can’t prove a negative. In other words, you can’t prove something didn’t happen. However, your friend would have to prove that it DID happen. In this case, since the claim is so outrageous, he’d have to have an overwhelming amount of proof, not some FOAF* BS.

*FOAF–Friend Of A Friend, the source of all urban legends.

Nitpick: Just so you are aware, it is an unbounded negative that cannot be proven. For example, if you ask for proof that life does not exist elsewhere in the universe, I would be hard pressed to 1)search the entire universe, and 2)recognize life in a form dissimilar to the concept we are accustomed to.

OTOH, if you ask for proof that I have no quarters in my pocket [or aliens for that matter], the conditions set do allow for proof, and I can show with certaintly that I have neither.

Listen to Waverly. The burden of proof is on your freind.

LOL… You know, even Tycho Brahe would be freaked out by this guy. But why stop there? Methinks a certain “King Missile” song might well’ve been, ahem, partly inspired by “the King of Pop” [or should we call him “The Moon King” (from “Baron Munchausen”)?] – although decorum prohibits me from being more explicit.

O.K., it was “Detachable Penis”. Kinda makes sense, though, doesn’t it? :wally :smiley: :rolleyes:

i bet he’s had twice as many knob jobs.

But I thought it was common knowledge that the end of his nose has gone necrotic. Or has been so severely damaged that he has to tape it up. He does wear tape on it almost all the time now.

Now, that’s a ways from having it fall off and be sold on eBay…

This rumor was reported in the Fametracker forums, too. Has all the makings of an urban legend–especially that it is somewhat believable given the state of Michael Jackson’s nose.

Sorry, I can’t stop giggling at the idea of it. One Nose for Sale. Slightly Used. :smiley:

Google, “actress lost nose cocaine”.

Daniella Westbrook of East Enders.


Picture. It actually doesn’t look that bad. It’s the part between her nostrils that’s missing. Once you know what to look for, it’s, like, “Oh, yeah, now I see it…”

Maybe his BANDAGE fell off in public? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a commercial endorsement deal with Bandaids[TM], Curad[TM], or BreatheRight Strips[TM], though. Yecch.

And double-yecch for the coked-up actress… yikes!

P.S. Aside from drug counselors, narc officers, etc. – you know who else knows how prevalent cocaine use is in a given era? Dentists! Otolaryngologists! And probably a few other -ists! Yep, they get a good ringside look… And if they’re smart, they demand to be paid up in front by the serious druggies, if they don’t have good insurance. (I’m speaking from some familial familiarity here.)

Well, it weren’t no Jack Frost what nipped him on the snout, I’ll warrant.

Is this alleged necrotic nose the result of plastic surgery?