it did no good. my keyboard is fux0red.

so I won’t be able to-post-heeeeeer-for-awhile.


how did it get fux0red, 0% L33t 0#3 ?

BTW - for those of you who don’t speak “leet”, the above says

how did it get (omited), oh leet one…

Just thought you’d like to know I’m not actually on crack right now…

She was testing it’s resistance to popular brands of carbonated refreshment… It failed.
[sub]She spilled soda on it.[/sub]

OK, Dao, time to drop a couple 'o bucks on a replacement…

Perfectly good PC keyboards can be had for as little as
10.00 to 15.00 in discount outlets and office supply stores.

I have an extra one if you need it. 'Course you’ll have to come pick it up. Did I mention that I’m in Hawaii? :slight_smile:

Do one of two things.

(1)Open up the keyboard and carefully clean it with windex and let it dry thoroughly before using it. That means cleaning all of those annoying little rubber nipples found under each key also. (Unplug it first!!)

(2)Go down to the nearest Salvation Army or used goods store and buy a keyboard for $5 or $10 bucks that works.