It is 27 deg C on my balcony!!!

First of all I live in Norway so 27 deg C is hot

Good news: The sun is shining it is going to be a lovely weekend and I am off to a rugby game and barbeque tomorrow :slight_smile:

Bad news: I am on duty this weekend so I can’t really go anywhere or do anything that takes me further than 5 minutes from my flat so no beach for me where everyone else I know has gone and left me on my own :frowning:

Even better news: I am going to have lunch on my balcony and read Harry Potter then go to the park across the road and finish Harry Potter :smiley:

Just thought I would share



Good Heavens! 27C works out to 80.6F. You poor baby!
It was 88F (31C) in the upstairs of our house when we went to bed at 10 pm last night. The guys who are supposed to be installing central air conditioning disappeared about a week ago and haven’t been back since. Luckily a cold front moved in and its now 78F inside this morning, must be even cooler outside.

Norway. I must move to Norway.

See, this is why I want to move to Washington where it’s cool and wet! (Not to mention the fresh salmon and dungeness crab, proximity to British Columbia, green things instead of concrete and asphalt…)

Bah! Enough of this sniveling!

Yesterday, the outdoor temperature in Silicon Valley was 40°C (104°F). I’ve taken up studying Bush’s foreign policy just to feel my blood run cold.

Nice one, Zenster!

BUT it was 90 degrees F in Seattle recently. :frowning:

We’re having a nice cool summer so far. It’s only been over 90 once or twice, I think, and 93 was about the hottest it’s gotten.

Re. the OP, it’s 28 C (83 F) right now, and feels nice and cool. Is 27 C unusually warm for Norway? Hard to imagine.

(This is my summertime revenge for the wintertime, when everyone tells me, “25 F isn’t COLD! Stop whining!”)

Is 27C unusual? I live in Southern Ontario, Canada and we get summer days that hot (and hotter) frequently.



Try 90F with 100% humidity sometime. Now, THAT’S hot! I don’t care where you’re from, even in places where it gets hotter, that’s pretty hot. And even if it isn’t all that hot, it’s dang uncomfortable. I couldn’t live here without AC, it’d kill me!

It is currently 111 degrees here. But it’s a dry heat!

Now August, when it’s monsoon season and it’s 125 degrees with 90 to 100 percent humidity, I really start to wonder why the hell I live in this place. Oh that’s right, a paycheck! Enjoy your Harry Potter and rugby weekend ems you lucky duck.

I don’t think it’s gotten to 95F here yet, but it’s been hot and humid enough to produce enough tornados to wipe out most of Buffalo Falls, MN. :frowning:

Texas dweller checking in…

Well, 88 degrees sounds just fine, we’re actually right around there today in Dallas. We’ve had a very strange mild spring this year - normally about 100 degrees (120 with the heat index). I predict hellish temps are coming next week.
Our fall lasts approximately one week, around late October.