It is an interesting time....

Since my meltdown, banning and reinstatement, I’ve been a good little boy. It is interesting to be on the board after that.

I worry in my pit threads, which I don’t start often, if the mods are gonna get pissed at me. (Not that I harbor any mod grudges)

I worry if something I say will be taken the wrong way, and a mod in a bad mood is gonna ban me.
But mainly, I open the boards every morning, don’t see the “You do not have authority to access this page,” and think “Oh thank Cthulu, I haven’t been banned today.” I forget to log in, and see that page and stop for a second, wondering what I did to get banned. Then I log in and breathe a sigh of relief.
But overall, this board is great.

Just wanted to share. I won’t, however, get banned again. I’m stayin’.

You guys are great. Most of you. :smiley:

Okay, now you’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys and a cattle prod.

But I digress. You were banned? You must’ve been a naughty, uh, Ingrid-lover. Glad you’re back.

So stop worrying and start posting!

I know what you mean, sorta. For a while the board was having a glitch where I couldn’t even get on to READ the boards and I suspected I was somehow “SuperBANNED” for something or other. Something so virulent that I didn’t warrant a warning or email of explanation. It was terrifying!