Read me quick, by morning I will have disappeared! (mod rant)(long)

I’ve been a member here for years and years now, and this is only the second pit I’ve started regarding the moderation on this board. Given the only other one was earlier this week, but that was more tongue-in-cheek.

Here’s the link. Though it leads nowhere unless you’ve got yourself a nice and shiney mod hat. It was the thread titled “About Devnull”, and in it there was discussion about the banning of that member/guest/whatev. Now at around the same time of the Devnull banning it was noted in TPTSNBN’ed that long time poster Excalibre had been banned as well. Curious due to the coincidence in timing as well as no announcement I simply asked if these were in any way related to one another. I got three types of responses. Half the members were puzzled that **Exy ** had been banned and there was no announcement, the other half of the members asked “how did you find this out”, and TPTB gave a big NO!

The thread began to then get* very* bizarre, and I will try my best to recount it by memory. The first thing that made me :dubious: , was that the first person who asked where I learned of this news was good ol’ carnyK, which if you know the history than you know that’s why I didn’t answer him. I was under the impression he was just trying to get me to mention TPTSNBN’ed. Then two other members asked so I just PM’ed them to let them know. No need to bring it up, and get smacked around by a mod.

It was either **samclem ** or Skip that quickly dismissed any connction between the two bannings, but then **Tuba ** comes on and gives a very long and very detailed account of what happened. I won’t say the whole thing because I feel like it might be one of the reasons the thread disappeared, but if she was telling the truth then Exy attempted an odd form of sock puppetry. But the only reason he was caught was this ridiculous IP address back tracing. It really was bizarre.

Let me also make it clear that I am not upset that Exy’s banning was unannounced. If the reasons for banning lie outside what normal members see and hear than why bring it up. But like I said earlier, the timing was what made me curious.

The matter was discussed a little more, and then I get an alert email letting me know that someone else posted to it, I click on it, and I see the same page you all saw that the top of this.

Ah, it was wished away to the cornfields. But why?

I know that sometimes there are subjects that TPTB wish to remain off the boards, so they always tend to encourage emailing them with questions about those things. Tuba’s forum, **Tuba’s ** explanation, hmm, I’ll email her. I get no word back. Well she was logged off anyways, let’s see who else. Oh good, Dex is green, he’ll know what’s up. I emailed him. I haven’t heard back, I emailed them on Friday. I am pretty sure I was clear in the email. I included my reply email, my SDMB username, the thread in question, and my curiousity about it’s disappearance.

I know you guys have lives, but it’s been almost a week. Now I’m bringing this up here. Also, I have several crazy conspiracies theories in my heads as to the reason, but I will keep them to myself for now until thing become clearer.

Then there was another About Forum thread that went poof earlier this week. In this one some Doper, can’t remember name, asked flat out what/where is TPTSNBN’ed. Now as I said earlier, regarding that other thread, that I dodged around answering where I found out about Exy. I know the mods hate that, so I stayed away.

For me this was a different case. Last time I checked we were a question and answer board. People have questions, like this member did, and other members try to help them out. That is the spirit of this place, so I now believe that I should honestly answer this person. I don’t see what the harm really is in discussion of TPTSNBN’ed. I know the credibility and maturity at the other board is lower than sewage, but why not make a good example by showing that we can rise above that here.

I was really surprised at the most recent Boston Dopefest, when someone brought up TPTSNBN’ed. It was one of the last person whom I would have expected as well. He brought it up and we were able to talk about it without Tuba bursting into the room with flash grenades and erasing our memories. Some people knew of it, other’s didn’t. Some liked it, other’s hated it, other’s couldn’t even bother to have an opinion.

And in another thread in the About Forum, Weirddave got a warning for bringing up The SM incident. Granted, it was not directly related to the question asked in that thread, but we get hijacks all the time that do not result in warnings. And he did relate it to the Administration’s value on personal information of members. I can understand closing the thread due to the hijack, but the warning seemed a little harsh and smelled badly of TPTB simply looking out for themselves.

Maybe I’m crazy, but ever since we found out that The Reader has new ownership the Administration and Moderation have seemingly circled the wagons, and perhaps become a little quick on the trigger. Careful to keep this place cleaned up and hide all the stuff they don’t want to be mentioned. But that’s the conspiracy theorists in me talking.

Oh well, this is the Pit, so if I’m wrong I’m wrong; and this can all end badly. At least I have my foil hat to keep me company.

This is so confusing.

points up

Yeah, what he said.


Eh, that’s happened to me before too. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that they cover each other’s asses when it’s their shortcomings being discussed.

I apologize for being to vague. But the subject is about threads disappearing due to discussion about things The Powers That Be (TPTB) do not want being discussed. I’m worried that by adding the details this thread really will sleep with the fishes as well.

Think Voltermort. That Place That…

The Place That Shall Not Be Named, I guess. :confused:

Boy, this sure is vague.

My guess? Revelation of too much info in thread. The closed ones, that is. Certainly not this one.

I remember reading it and thinking it was unusual in the amount of detail it frankly divulged. I’m not surprised it’s gone.

That was me. I do not object to the disappearing of the thread. The reasons for its disappearing were explained to me in a friendly and polite fashion. I saw that the reasons were good. There was no hard feeling either direction.

Vagueness rules.


That’s why the thread was so bizarre. Someone replaced our cryptic and tight-lipped Tuba ** with the gabby Tuba**. Well, it was a Friday night, I guess even mods and admins go out for a round or two every now and then.


The OP is not the only person who might be interested in the answer to the OP’s question. The Other Board is a part of the SDMB’s history (oeurve?)* whether the mods like it or not. What happens here influences what happens there and to a certain extent vice versa. But to continually deny its existence like this is to give that place power over this one that it should not and does not deserve to have.

*Albeit a rather odd sour grapian part.

“Oh my god!”
“Like you sooo didn’t!”
“Yeah, but she said”
“No wait, like I already know”
“as if”

King Arthur: “On second thought, let’s not go to TPTSNBN. It is a silly place.”

Who’s still got drama?
We’s still got drama.

Not sure why I give a shit, but –

Does TPTSNBN’ed stand for The Place That Shall Not Be Named?

If so, does that refer to another message board?

If so, what message board, and what does that have to do with people being banned from this message board?

I somehow feel that I know less than I did when I started reading the OP, as if it’s actually sucked information out of my brain.

As far as I can tell from the OP.

Well, obviously since it cannot be named (really, they’re serious about that shit), I won’t do so, but if it’s the place I’m thinking of, it’s a board of mostly anonymous Dopers and ex-Dopers ranting about and making fun of the events, people (e.g. banned posters, assorted MPSIMSers), moderators, and threads that they find annoying. Things TPTB don’t like. Things that could get you banned here.

It’s an insanely mean-spirited place. Think the BBQ Pit with about ten extra bottles of lighter fluid.

The only thing worse than a drunken rambling post is when what appears to be a drunken rambling post turns out to be about the message board when you parse it a little.

How small can one’s world be?

It also didn’t help that someone intentionally posted the URL for said same board in the now-disappeared thread that the OP is rambling on about. That’s pretty much asking for the thread to get disappeared since you’d almost certainly get people quoting that post, reposting the URL if it got deleted, etc.

On top of that, it also discussed (IIRC) the Other Not-to-Be-Named board that was coming over here stirring up shit, which just attracts more attention. Really, this thread and the previous are like poking someone repeatedly and asking why your target hit the last person who poked them repeatedly. What do you think is going to happen?

oooo, I’m intreaged. I had no idea such a place existed.
Weird that the boards should be so important to people that they can’t let go.
Even more weird that the Mod’s get upset over talking about it.

Someone just report this thread. I started it because I was curious about the reason that thread late last week was closed. I haven’t gotten an answer yet, even though it’s still early on. I tried emailing mods/admins to no success so maybe I won’t find any success here either.

It may just be me, but part of my rant involved an observation that the mods/admins have seemed a bit more jumpy since the new management moved in.

Once again, probably just tin foil hat fodder.