It is finished!

I finally finished ripping every single CD I own into iTunes! It took a week (including most of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), but the very last disc finished importing as I was typing this sentence. The grand totals:

3966 songs, 10.6 days, 16.97 GB

I know that my collection is puny in comparison to some, but I’m feelin’ a nice little sense of satisfaction and I just had to share. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, how many cds is that? You’re a brave person; this sort of thing scares me. All my eggs would be in one basket and I know I would somehow lose the basket and break all the eggs. Don’t tell me it’s impossible, I would find a way.

Just out of curiosity, how is this putting all of his eggs into one basket? He’s got two copies now…one on CD, one in iTunes, and he can burn all of the songs onto new CDs if he wants!

Your collection blows mine away, Misnomer!

You have about a gig more than I do. Congratulations, you win.

I’m in the habit now of ripping CDs as soon as I get them. I mostly listen to music on my computer or iPod anyway, so it makes sense.

A few months ago my dad ripped all of his music, including tapes and records. I think it came out to about 100 gigs. He has a lot of music. The best part about this for me is that I can steal from it.

Rats. goes off and kicks her computer with no Internet


No, you’re just caught up.:wink: It is never “finished”. Feels good though, huh?
When I bought my iPod, I thought I’d never fill up 15 Gb. Ha!
3119 songs, 9.5 days, 13.16 Gb (that’s just in the ipod).
Now I want a 60 gig ipod. :smack:

:: laughs at your puny collections ::

Mind you, my collection isn’t music, it’s TV shows. Every episode of Star Trek DS9, Star Trek TNG, as well as assorted other television shows. Plus a few dozen movies, and a handful of songs as well. Total size? 190.2 GB.

Yeah, that’s right. I AM your daddy. :cool:

I bought a 60 gig Creative Zen MP3 player and I was a little worried it wouldn’t hold all my music.

Well, I put pretty much everything on it I wanted to, and it took maybe 15gig total… I probably should have got the 40gig model and saved a few bucks. Well, it’s future proof, I guess.

I am still in a state of wonder that we can have pocket-sized devices that can hold an entire music collection. Absolutely amazing.

Two baskets then, though I know a lot of people who rip their cds and then sell them. And since it’s me, I *would * find a way to break/lose/nuke both baskets at once. Por ejemplo; I lost about a thousand songs I’d transferred from records to cds. This only happens to me when it comes to music, so I’m ultra nervous. I think I’ll go check to see if elves haven’t stolen my cds overnight.

CD gnomes! :eek:

  1. Steal Ashes ,Ashes’ CDs
  2. ?
  3. Profit! :smiley:

Somewhere around 240, but the final song count isn’t just from my CDs: there are also a whole bunch of (legal) downloads. And thanks!

Well, like SiouxChief said, I’m not ditching my CDs any time soon. And, anal retentive as I am, I’ll most likely back up all of these MP3s the next time I back up my hard drive. :slight_smile:

I’m in that habit now, too – though I don’t buy CDs nearly as often as I used to. As I was going through my collection, it was always a relief to come across something relatively new that had already been ripped. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an MP3 player yet, because I really only listen to music either at work or in my car: at work I just use iTunes, and my commute is all of 3 miles so I only get quality listening time when I drive to my friend’s place in Springfield or when I go home to Maryland. But last Friday (the 1st) I got a VR3 FM modulator to use with my USB jump drive, and it’s what prompted me to finally get serious about digitizing my music collection. The VR3 works pretty well, and it’s making me think that maybe I really do want an iPod!

Ha! You’re absolutely right. But hell yeah, it feels good! :wink:

Yeah, one of the benefits of doing this is that when I do finally get an iPod, I’ll have a clue about how much space I need.

It also was a nice reminder of how big my computer’s hard drive is, because about halfway through it dawned on me to make sure I had enough available disk space to do what I was doing. Visions of the 20GB hard drives at work made me panic for a moment, but when I checked I was pleasantly reminded that when I upgraded last year I got myself an 80GB hard drive. Sometimes I really love me. :wink:

Apples and oranges, apples and oranges . . . I wouldn’t get too used to that “daddy” title if I were you. :wink:

Tangent: I have a black t-shirt that says “Who’s Your Daddy?” in big blue letters. I’m a woman, and whenever I wear it I always get comments – it amuses the hell out of people!

I know exactly what you mean! Heck, I’m still amazed by the ability to have my entire music catalog on my hard drive, organized however I want it to be organized (I absolutely love iTunes) – my mind just boggles when I think about having every single song with me wherever I go! :eek:

I can just imagine getting in the car for the first time after finally getting an iPod: paralyzed by my inability to decide what to listen to, I never leave the parking lot. :smiley:

I, too am one of those who will lose stuff like this, so my whole collection is backed up to iDisk at my dotmac account. I love those Apple people!

We have an external 250 gb hard drive just for music. Not quite full, because I refuse to rip DeHusband’s new age collection.

Yes, you may bow before me.